Jack Seeks His Fortune

This is the best short stories ever. One morning, a boy named Jack set off to seek his fortune in the world.

Jack Seeks His Fortune Best Short Stories Ever

Along the way, he met a cat who offered to join him. He took the cat along.

As he walked along, several other creatures offered to join him and Jack, being a friendly fellow, said, “The more, the merrier!”

He let them all go along with him. Thus, by the time night fell, he had a cat, a dog, a goat, a bull and a rooster for company.

Jack was looking around for a place to sleep at night, when he saw a light showing through the woods.

Drawing close to it, he found it was a cottage, inside which some robbers were sitting around a table, counting the money and treasures they had stolen!

Jack came back quietly to the creatures and said, “Stay quiet till I give you a signal. Then make all the noise you can loudly!”

When Jack gave a signal, all the creatures began to make a noise, mewing, barking, bleating, bellowing and crowing!

The robbers were terrified and ran for their lives, leaving everything. Jack and his friends went in.

Jack said that it was likely the robbers would return for their money.

He put the cat in the rocking-chair, the dog under the table, the goat upstairs, the bull in the cellar and telling the rooster to perch on the ceiling, he went to bed.

The robbers returned and were attacked. Jack heard their frightened whispers, “The woman in the rocking chair poked a knitting needle into me!” “A shoemaker stuck his awl into me under the table!” “I was knocked down by a man upstairs!” “There’s huge fellow chopping wood in the cellar who hit me!” “Someone screeched and pecked at me from the ceiling!”

The robbers ran away, and Jack and his friends had a fortune to live comfortably!

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