The Lion Who Wouldn’t Try Bedtime Story

This is the lion bedtime story for kids. In the forest, All the animals were playing. It was very bright and sunny day.

The bear called the lion, “Come; let’s play! Read also Lion and Crow Story

But the lion said, “No, I won’t play. I’ll lose. Saying so, he moved ahead.

Now, The lion met an elephant. The elephant said come and play with me. We will play with stones.”

The lion refused and went on.

After walking a few steps, the lion saw some monkeys on the tree eating bananas.

lion bedtime story
Lion Bedtime Story

They said, “Come dear; let’s have the competition. Who can eat more bananas?”

The lion thought for a while. But he was afraid of losing, so he refused.

The lion, now, went to the riverside where the crocodile invited him for a swimming competition.

“No, i’ll lose,” said the lion.

The elephant and the crocodile competed and had fun.

The lion sadly watched them. Check out Ungrateful Lion Story

The rabbit hopped up and asked, “why are you sad?”

The lion replied, “Because I cannot play. I’ll lose.”

The lion got up and stepped ahead. He slipped on the banana peel.

Wheeee! All the animals laughed. “Now, that’s looks like fun!” said all the other animals.

The lion played with this with everyone and was happy.

Moral of the Story – The Lion Who Wouldn’t Try Bedtime Story

Don’t be afraid of losing and keep trying

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