9 Greatest Short Stories of All Time for Kids 2022

Today we have brought a collection of some greatest short stories of all time in this article, Stories for Kids in Hindi. Reading which you will feel very happy.

Greatest Short Stories of All Time for Kids

Parents can narrate these best short stories of all time to their children. Your children will get a good education by listening to these moral stories. Which will help them to be a good person.

Greatest Short Stories of All Time

A Wise Old Owl Short Story

Once upon a time, there lived an old owl in a big oak tree. Every day, it expands its eyes far away to observe what is happening around them. Sometimes he saw a little boy helping the old man carry a big bag, other times he saw a daughter nagging her mother. Day by day, the owl sees a lot of things, but it remains silent about what it sees. Real also King Owl Short Story

Slowly, the old owl began to speak less and his hearing gradually improved. Now it can clearly hear people’s conversations. One day, the old owl heard a woman tell someone that an elephant jumped over the fence. Another day, the owl overheard a man telling someone he was perfect and had never made a mistake.

With each passing day, the old owl spoke less and listened more. Thanks to that, it knows everything happening around, even if it’s not there. Gradually, the old owl became wiser and became famous for his wisdom.

Moral of the Story – A Wise Old Owl Short Story

Talking less, observing and listening more will help your child become smarter and wiser.

Urban Rat and Village Rat Short Story

A long time ago, two rats were brothers. One brother lived in the city and the other in the village. One day the city mouse went to meet the village brother. The village mouse offered his brother some grains to eat as a snack.

The city mouse didn’t like it. He was not in the habit of eating coarse food. Read also Cat and Rat Story

The city mouse praised the city and invited his brother to visit the city.

He agreed and both the rats came to the city. The urban mouse lived in the garage of a big house. The Snapping flare there was attracting the village mouse.

Both reached the dining hall. There was a lot of food left over from breakfast. Both started eating cake.

Suddenly they heard a growl. The door opened and the owner’s two big dogs came in. The urban mouse ran away with his brother and hid. The village mouse understood the whole situation and went back to the village to live his peaceful life.

Moral of the Story – Urban Rat and Village Rat Short Story

Safety and peace are high-priority in life.

Sun and Wind Short Story in English

Once upon a time… a debate broke out between the sun and the wind as to who was stronger. The wind was telling herelf to be strong, but the sun was not considering it as great. The matter was getting complicated.

Then he saw a passenger coming from the front. Seeing the traveler, the wind thought of a trick. He said to Sun, “Look, a traveler is coming. Whoever among us can get his bed sheet removed will be powerful. You should cover yourself behind clouds.” Read also The River and The Mountain Story

The sun hid behind the clouds. The wind started blowing hard. The faster the wind speed, the faster the traveler could hold on to his sheets to keep him from freezing. The air got tired by pushing hard, lost it, but in no way could she get the passenger’s sheet off. Eventually she calmed down.

Now it was the turn of the sun. He started shining from behind the clouds. Disturbed by the scorching heat, the traveler took off his sheet. Wind conceded defeat and Sun emerged victorious.

Moral of the Story – Sun and Wind Short Story in English

Never vanity of your strength and ability.

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Story in English

There lived a lot of sheep in a fleet near a forest. The wolf living in the forest wanted to eat them but his wish could never be fulfilled.

Very careful dogs were kept by the shepherds to look after the sheep. The wolf could not catch them because of the dogs.

One day, the wolf saw a sheep skin lying on the ground. You may also like The Wolf and The Crane Story

He thought, “By wearing this I will join the flock of sheep and the shepherds will not have any doubts. I will eat them to the fullest after getting the opportunity in the night. The wolf wore the sheep’s skin and joined the flock.

A sheep followed the wolf. Seeing the opportunity, the wolf licked it.

The next day, again wearing a wolf’s skin, joined the flock of sheep. Wolf daily came and ate the sheep.

One day, the owner of the fleet asked his cook for sheep’s meat. The cook killed the wolf as a sheep.

Moral of the Story – The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Story in English

As you sow, so you shall reap.

The Lion and the Foolish Donkey Short Story

There was the lion’s birthday. All the animals and birds took the gifts and went towards the lion’s cave. All arrangements were made for food and drink and fun in the cave. The lion had invited all the animals and birds to have a good meal.

Everyone was present there. The cake was cut on time. Then, everyone sings the birthday song and celebrates a lot. After the party, the lion noticed that everyone had come but the donkey did not reach. Read also Ungrateful Lion Story

He thought that maybe he was busy with some important work. The next day, when the lion met the donkey, he asked him about it. The donkey replied, “That! I don’t like going to parties. There is no place like home.

So I rested by staying at home.” Enraged, the lion drove the donkey out of the forest. Since then the donkey lives among humans and carries their burden.

Moral of the Story – The Lion and the Foolish Donkey Short Story

Speak the truth in such a way that it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

A Tale of Two Donkey – Aesop Moral Story

Once, a rich jeweler and an iron merchant were going somewhere with their donkeys. The jeweler had decorated his donkey well. He had put a silk cloth on his back.

Gold coins and precious gems were loaded in two big sacks on the donkey’s back. On the other hand, the iron merchant’s donkey was simple. Some iron tools were loaded in his sacks.

The jeweler’s donkey had become arrogant because of his appearance and valuables. There was pride in his walk. The movement of the other donkey was slow and calm. Suddenly a group of bandits came and stopped there. Try also Donkey In The Well

The jewelers and iron merchants fled to save their lives. They left their donkeys there. The bandits saw the goods of the iron merchant. They did not find anything valuable in it and let the donkey go.

Then he saw the proud donkey. They took away the valuables loaded on him and the silk cloth he was wearing. When the donkey stopped them from doing so, they beat him up.

Moral of the Story – A Tale of Two Donkey – Aesop Moral Story

Pride and wealth both invite trouble to themselves.

The Fox and The Swan Short Story in English

Once upon a time, a fox and a stork were friends. The fox was very clever and used to manipulate other animals of the forest. One day, She also thought of playing tricks with stork. He told stork that today is my birthday, you have to come to my house for a feast.

I will make chicken soup today. In the evening, the stork reached the fox’s house for a feast. The fox cleverly served chicken soup to both of them on a plate. The fox ate the chicken soup from the plate with great pleasure. But the stork could not eat anything because of her beak.

stork understood that the fox had fooled him. After this, stork left without eating anything. After a few days, the stork came to the fox’s house and said that today is my birthday, I have made chicken soup for you. You come to my house

Hearing this, the fox was very happy because She was very hungry. She thought this is so stupid I did this to her but still it is calling me for food.In the evening the fox reached stork’s house. stork served chicken soup in two jugs.

The stork easily ate all the food because of her long beak. But the fox’s mouth was not going into the thin jug. Now the fox understood that the way she showed cleverness to the stork. stork also taught the fox a lesson with his cleverness. After this, the fox had to return without eating anything.

Moral of the Story – The Fox and The Swan Short Story in English

We should not consider anyone as an idiot.

The Dog and The Bone Short Story In English

A farmer had a dog. Dog was very greedy. One day, the farmer had to go to the city for some work. He left for the city early that morning. The farmer even forgot to feed the dog before leaving for the city.

The dog was feeling very hungry. He started roaming here and there in search of food. He found a bone in the field. He was very happy seeing whom. He thought that he would take this bone to the river bank and eat it comfortably. He went to the river bank.

He saw his reflection in the water of the river. He thought there was some other dog there and he also had a bone. He also wanted to take the bone of that other dog. He barked as soon as he wanted to take the bone. His own bone fell in the river and he returned home hungry.

Moral of the Story – The Dog and The Bone Short Story In English

We should not be greedy.

Elephant and Lion Friendship Story

There was a lion in a forest. He was very hungry. He saw a deer and killed it and ate it. But the deer’s bone got stuck in the neck of the lion. Now the lion was in a lot of pain. He went to the animals of the forest to ask for help. He saw a peacock and asked him to remove the bone.

The peacock said you are lying. You want to hunt me on the pretext of this. He said this and left. Read also Elephant and Ant Story

After this the lion saw the bear. The bear also told the lion that I am sleeping now. You go from here.

After this the lion went ahead. There he saw an elephant standing under a mango tree, Who wanted to eat mangoes. But he was unable to reach the mango.

He told the elephant that I will pluck mangoes for you. But before that you have to remove the bone stuck in my throat. On this the elephant agreed.

The elephant removed the bone from the lion’s neck. After this, the lion also climbed the tree and plucked the mangoes for the elephant.

In this way the lion and the elephant became friends of each other.

Moral of the Story – Elephant and Lion Friendship Story

We should maintain friendship with everyone, do not know who will come in handy in what troubles.

We hope you would like above all time favorite stories. Do let us know which one is your favorite on comment box

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