The Battle of the Frogs Short Story

This is Frog story. Many frogs lived in a well. Once a fight broke out between two frogs. The rest of the frogs took the side of either of the two. Thus two groups of frogs were formed. Their fight went on increasing.

One day a group of frogs went to a snake for help. Their chief said to the snake, “We live in a well. Some of the frogs living there are our enemies.

We have come to request you to come and stay in our well and kill them and eat them. In this way you will get food easily and we will also get rid of our enemies.”

Knowing this, the snake happily went to live with them in the well. Now the snake started eating the enemy frogs. Soon he devoured all the enemy frogs. Then the chief of the other group asked the snake to leave the well.

But the snake refused to obey him. Now he had become accustomed to free food. So he remained in the well and slowly killed and ate all the frogs. Thus, all the frogs lost their lives in a futile fight.

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