Broken Pot Short Story

This is the story of Broken Pot. There lived a farmer named Thomas in a village. He earned his living by working in his farm. One day, he went to the city to buy seeds for his field. When he was buying seeds in the shop, he saw two pitchers.

Broken Pot Short Story

Both the pitchers looked very good to see. Thomas thought that by taking them, I would be able to bring more water from the river. Thinking this, he bought both the pitchers.

The next day, he tied both the pitchers to a thick stick with the help of a rope and went towards the river to get water.

He filled water in the pitchers and came to his house. On coming home, he saw that one pitcher had full water while the other had half the water. Seeing this, Thomas understood that a pot was broken.

Once he reached home, he put the water of both the pitchers in a big vessel. Even after this, he went to the river the next day with both the pitchers and came and poured their water in a big vessel.

After the departure of the farmer, the broken pitcher tells the other pitcher that I am of no use.

I spill half the water on the way everyday, yet the master takes me to the river everyday. The other pitcher also said that you are of no use and started laughing at him.

The next day, When Thomas started taking pitchers to the river, the pot that broke said to Thomas, the owner, I am of no use. Still you take me with you..I’m spoiling your hard work.

On this Thomas said to the broken pot that you do not consider yourself useless. You walk with me and while coming on the way, look at the flowers on the way, it will make your mind right.

The broken pot agreed and Thomas took both the pitchers and went to get water from the river. When brokern pitcher saw the flowers on the way, he felt very happy when the pitcher burst while coming. But as soon as he reached home, he saw half the water inside, he became sad again.

Thomas told the broken pot that you are not useless, you are also of great use. When I came to know that you were torn, I brought the seeds of flowers and sowed them on the way. The flowers that you saw while coming on the way are all the flowers that have grown from your water.

Along with this, I am also benefiting because of you since I take the flowers of these roads to the market and sell them. Due to which, I also get good price for them. Hearing this, the pot that broke felt that I was not worthless. I also have some advantage.

Moral of the Story – Broken Pot

Nothing is wasted. We must find and refine their goodness

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