Lion and Jackal Story

This is the Lion and Jackal Story. Years ago there lived a mighty lion in a cave in the Himalayas. One day, He was returning to his cave after hunting and eating a buffalo. Then on the way, He met a lean-like jackal who bowed down to lion.

When the lion asked him the reason for doing so, he said, “My King, I want to be your servant. Please take me under your shelter. I will serve you and make a living from the hunt you have left.’ The lion agreed and kept him in his friendly shelter.

Within a few days, the jackal became very fat after eating the prey left by the lion.

Seeing the valor of the lion every day, he also considered himself to be a replica of the lion. One day he said to the lion, ‘Oh King! I am now as strong as you. Today I will hunt and eat an elephant and leave the rest of its flesh for you.’

Since Lion used to see the jackal as friendly, he did not take offense to his words and prevented him from doing so.

Caught in a web of illusion, Jackal stood on the top of the mountain, rejecting the advice of the Lion. From there, he looked around and saw a small group of elephants at the bottom of the mountain.

Then produce like the sound of a lion, He jumped on a big elephant. But he did not fall on the head of the elephant, he fell at his feet. And the elephant were in its on way and forward next foot step above Jackal’s head.

Within a moment the jackal’s head was shattered and its life was blown away.

Moral of the Story – Lion and Jackal Story

Pride and foolishness go hand in hand, so never be proud at any point in life

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