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Monkey and Bird” is one of the famous Panchatantra Tales. You will read monkey and sparrow story in English. It is the old-time story. There was a big and dense tree in a forest, there lived a pair of sparrows. They were living life by making a nest on that tree.

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The cold had increased with light drizzle and now the mild cold had turned into a cold winter.

One day, Some monkeys reached under the tree to escape the cold. They thought it would be better to take shelter under that tree to avoid the cold. Read also Monkey and Cap Seller Story

Monkey and Bird Story
Monkey and Bird Story

All the monkeys were trembling with the strong cold winds and were very upset.

After sitting under the tree, they started talking among themselves that if they could get to fire from somewhere, then the cold would go away. They would get some relief.

Then a monkey saw that there were some dry leaves and dry wood lying nearby.

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Seeing them, he told his fellow monkeys that let’s collect them and burn them so that we will not feel cold. Those monkeys gathered them in one place and started thinking of ideas to burn them.

The sparrow sitting on the tree was watching the talk of the monkeys and trying to remove their cold.

Seeing all this, she could not stay away from her and she advised the monkeys that who are you?.. You all look like a man, you have hands and feet, why don’t you all live by building your own house?

After listening to the sparrow, the monkey shivering from the cold said in anger. You do your business, there is no need to speak between us and give advice.

After saying this, They started thinking about lighting the fire. You may like Two-Headed Bird Story

In this way, the eyes of the monkeys fell on the firefly.

They said that there is a spark in the air above. Catch it to light a fire. Hearing this, all the monkeys ran to catch him.

Seeing all this, The bird then said that hey listen!! this is a firefly, it will not burn fire.

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You can burn with two stones by taking out a spark and lighting a fire.

This advice of the bird was also ignored by the monkeys.

He caught a firefly and then started trying to light a fire with it, but he could not succeed and the firefly flew away. This made the monkeys sad and disappointed.

The bird again advised that you all can burn the fire by rubbing stones, follow my words and see.

The monkeys were very annoyed by this talk of the bird. An angry monkey ascend the tree and broke the bird’s nest. Read also Animal Fable Stories

Seeing this…the bird became sad and started crying in fear because its house was destroyed.

After this, that chirpy pair flew away from that tree and went somewhere else.

Moral of the Story – Monkey And Bird Story | Panchatantra Tales

By giving advice to the fool and the idiot, But, we can only get into harm and trouble. Only the wise get the fruit of giving advice.
Instead of giving knowledge to everyone, one should give advice to the one who is wise and can understand.
Giving advice to a fool is like hitting an axe on your own feet.

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