Monkey and Cap Seller Story With Pictures

This is the Monkey and Cap Seller Story With Pictures for kids. There was a small town where a man was living his life by selling caps to people. That cap seller used to go to different cities and villages every day to sell the hats.

One day, He was going to a nearby village to sell his cap like other days.

He was saying Caps loudly…Caps..!  6 rupees cap…10 rupees caps.

Now he was passing through a forest. It was a sunny day, and he was feeling exhausted, so he thought to rest under a tree. Read also Foolish King’s Monkey Story

Monkey and Cap Seller Story With Pictures
cap seller story images

The cap seller placed his caps basket from his head to ground and went to asleep in the deep.

Many monkeys used to live on that tree. Slowly the monkeys were jumping from one branch to another. Real also Monkey And Bird Story

All the monkeys were very mischievous. One of the monkeys came down from the tree; as he saw the basket of hats, the monkey called the rest of the other monkey friends down.

One by one, the monkeys took out all hats from the basket and climbed up the tree and wore all the caps on their own heads.

As soon as the Capseller got up from his sleep, he was surprised to see that basket was empty.

He started searching for the caps everywhere.

At last, he looked upward where monkeys wore caps on top of the tree.

After a while, he observed that all the monkeys were copying him. So the cap seller took his cap off his head and threw it on the ground. Read also Monkey and Crocodile Short Story

All monkeys did the same after seeing the cap seller and dropped all caps from heads on the ground.

The cap seller quickly collected all the caps, put them all in his basket, and headed towards the next village.

Moral of the Story – Monkey and Cap Seller Story With Pictures

Wisdom is everything

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