Rabbit and His Friends Story

This is the Rabbit and His Friends Story. There lived a rabbit in a forest. He had many friends. One day, the rabbit heard the sound of some hunting dogs. They were coming towards the forest.

Rabbit and His Friends Story
Hunting Dogs were chasing the rabbit

The rabbit was very scared. To save his life, he went to his friends to ask for help. Reaching the horse, he told the whole thing and said, “Will you help me? Please take me away from here on your back.”

The horse said, “Sorry brother, I have a lot of work to do.”

The rabbit went to the bull and said, “My life has come to an end… Will you scare the hounds with your sharp horns?”

The bull said that he had to go to the farmer’s wife.

The rabbit went to the bear. He also made excuses for being busy.

The rabbit went to the goat and said, “Sister, save me from the hunting dogs.”

The goat said, “I am very afraid of them. Sorry, I’m in a bit of a hurry. You take help from someone else.”

The hunting dogs had come very close, the rabbit started running now. He saw a bill in front of him. Hiding in it, the rabbit saved his life.

Moral of the Story – Rabbit and His Friends Story

Instead of relying on others, rely on yourself

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