The River and The Mountain Story

This is the kids moral story of The River and The Mountain. One day the river thought to itself as well as said, "Do I need to stream for a lifetime

This is The River and The Mountain Story. One day the river thought to itself as well as said, “Do I need to stream for a lifetime? Can’t I rest and stop for a while?” She was looking for suggestions so she asked The Mountain and shared her thoughts with him.

The Mountain just laughingly stated, “Hey! Take a look at me, I’ve remained in the very same location for many ages.”

River stated, “You are strong and also certain in one place. How can you ever before get tired?” Look at me, I need to move on constantly without any rest. I do not take rest for also a second!

the river and the mountain story
The River and the Mountain Story Moral

The mountain stated and also grinned, its how you see, but I’m actually tired of standing right here. Daily I see image of the same tree as well as sky. Often I desire, I can run like a river. I will visit new forests and towns. I will irrigate fields of human as well as enjoy everything significantly.

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River disturbed, “It’s strange, your life is so relaxed and also calm, yet you feel that way.

The Mountain replied, “You don’t get it my dear, you were loved by every person. You stream for others and that’s not all! After giving so much away, you supply whatever stays to the sea.”

On hearing this, The River worshiped the mountain and also said with excitement,” You are definitely right, my brother. Ture purpose of my life is to provide life to others.

Thank you for your kind wisdom!! After that while The Mountain grinned at her new found positive power, River spurted away with a loud gurgle, really feeling happy.

Moral of the Story – The River and The Mountain Kids Moral Story

We should always take advises from wise people

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Hope you have enjoyed short story on River and Mountain. Below is the short visual depiction of, “The River and The Mountain“. Watch the story below

The River and The Mountain Story in English

The Mountain and The River Story in English

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