The Lion and The Cows Story

This is the story of lion and cow story in English. Once, four cows lived in the forest together. Every day they used to graze grass in one place. They all were friends.

Once, the lion saw them in the field grazing the feed.

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The lion wanted to hunt them all and eat them. The lion ran after them to hunt.

When the four cows saw the lion coming, all four cows fought with the lion. They defeated the lion as they had a strength of unity. The four cows banished the lion from their horns.

the lion and the cows story with pictures
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The lion has been understood now that he can’t defeat all cows together.

Once there was a fight among four cows themself. All cows began to graze separately.

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He wanted to take advantage of the circumstance. One day the lion came and killed all four cows one by one.

Moral of the Story – The Lion and The Cows Story

Unity is strength

Here is the short visual depiction of, “The Lion and The Cows Story“. Watch the story below

The Lion and The Cows Story


What is the author name of the Lion and the Cows story?

Original name of Lion and the Cows story is The bulls and the lion which is considered as one of the fables of Aesop’s.

What is the moral of the story The lion and the cows?

Unity is strength

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