The Snake and The Mouse Story

This is the Snake and The Mouse Story. Once a snake charmer caught a snake and out it in a basket. Then he caught a mouse. Oh! wow is a good meal for my snake.

When the snake jumped to swallow the mouse, it said “Ohh, dear snake don’t kill me. If you let me go, I shall free you.

The snake was surprised at this and wondered “How could this tiny creature free me?” How could you help me? Don’t tell me jokes. I am very hungry so don’t waste my time,” said the snake.

The Snake and The Mouse Story

Mouse said,” Then there is no use, even if you eat me your tummy will not get full. but if I give you freedom you can eat how much you want.

Yes its right! I can as eat it later, but first, I should think about my freedom, snake thought.

How will you help me out? if you are not wrong, I shall never eat you.

Okay! But you should keep your eyes close, said the mouse.

Is that all?, said the snake.

Ya! till I finish doing my work you should keep your eyes close, mouse said.

The mouse started to cut the basket grid. Mouse made a hole big enough to jump out and disappeared quickly.

After sometime the snake opened his eyes. He saw the hole and went out. Mmm.. Where is the mouse? The snake started looking for the mouse.

Soon he got the mouse’s house. He saw the mouse’s head and said oh mouse! Meeting you after so long.

The mouse said” I am not like you. I know when I will come out, you will eat me. I did that everything only for myself and friendship is always amongst equals, said the mouse and went inside.

Moral of the Story – The Snake and The Mouse Story

Friendship is always amongst equals

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