Village Dog and Pet Dog Story

This is the short story about a dog. Once, pet dog and the dog of the village crossed each other on the way. The village dog saw that other dog was very fit and strong. While his own condition was very critical.

When Village and Pet dogs met with each other

He could not get food for the whole day. Then the pet dog , filled with sympathy, and told village god, ‘If you want, you too can get food.

The dog of the village asked, “How is that?”

The dog of the Pet replied, “You have to look after my master’s house.”

“I am ready”, “The village dog said.

“But what is this in your neck?”

“Leap!” The Pet dog said, “I do guarding at night. During the day, our master ties me up and makes me sit in a corner. Hearing this, the dog of the village ran away from there.

Moral of the Story – Village Dog and Pet dog

There is no greater happiness than freedom

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