The Crows and the Snake Short Story

This is the Panchatantra story in English. A crow couple lived on a banyan tree. There was a hole in that tree. A snake lived in it. He would climb the nest to eat the babies. But Mother Crow used to peck her away.

The crow couple went in search of food every day. One day, they came back to their nest. The snake had swallowed their babies.

Crows and the Snake Story image
The Crows and the Snake Short Story

So they went to the clever fox, who told them how to get rid of the snake.

The next day, the crows flew to the nearby pond where the royal ladies used to bathe.

Mother Crow stole the pearl necklace but was chased by the king’s soldiers. She dropped the necklace near the hole where the snake lived.

Angry soldiers killed the snake when he crawled.

The crow couple was very happy. Soon, Mother Crow laid eggs and waited for the babies to hatch.

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