Donkey Sleeping

Bhima Ramu was the donkey of the washerman. His problem was that he didn’t wakeup on time. That’s why he used to scolded by his owner.

One day Gauri, the neighbor’s cow, asked, “Bhima, why are you sad?”

Bhima said, “I can’t wakeup on time. Will you wake me up?”

“Ok.” Gauri said.

On the second day, Gauri cried “Moo…Maa…” but Bhima did not wake up.

Returned from river in the evening. Moti dog came there. “Moti, I can’t wakeup on time. Will you wake me up?”

“Yes… yes…” said Moti. The next day, Moti kept barking “Bow… brow…” but Bhima could not wakeup.

That evening, Bhima met Chinu, the chicken. “Chinu, your voice wakes everyone up every morning. will you wake me up too? ,

“Okay,” said Chinu. The next morning, Chinu kept on cocking “Kukdu-ku, kukda-ku”.

But there was no effect on Bhima.

In the evening, Bhima saw Kalu, the crow moving around.

“Brother crow, will you wake me up in the morning?”

“Yeah… yes… sure.” Kalu spoke. The next day Kalu kept on saying “Kaav… Kaan” but Bhima did not wake up.

Now Bhima was disappointed. The next morning, a fly sat in his nose.

As soon as this happened, Bhima woke up.

“Hey, how did I wake up!” Bhima said.

“I woke up.” Said the fly sitting on his head.

“Truth! Will you wake me up everyday?”

“Ok.” Now Bhima was happy. This trick worked!

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