Priest and Sailor Story

This is the Priest and Sailor Story. There was a priest. People were unhappy with him because he used to give advice to everyone from time to time in the name of religion. He said to the people, “If you don’t know anything about religion then your life is meaningless.”

One day the priest had to cross the river and go to another village. He asked a sailor to cross the river and got into his boat. After crossing half the distance, the sailor asked him to pay the price.

The priest said, “I will give you valuable knowledge instead of petty money.” Saying this, the priest started teaching him about knowledge and meditation, the sailor got tired of hearing his words and decided to teach him a lesson.

He took the boat to the middle of the river and started moving the boat. Due to which the priest fell into the river and started drowning. Then seeing him the sailor said, “Oh! You are a religious person. Won’t your righteousness save you?”

The priest started screaming for help. Then the merciful sailor pulled out the priest and said, “Every man is a knower of his work. If you have knowledge of religion, then we have to know about our work.

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