Short Stories about Animals in the Jungle

Here we are sharing short stories about animal in the jungle for kids which are very valuable and teach life lessons to your kids, which help your kids to understand people and world so We are here with stories about animals.

Short Stories about Animals in the Jungle
Short Stories about Animals in the Jungle

Short Stories about Animals in the Jungle

Kids like the stories of jungle and learn new and moral lesson from the tales. So let start the Short Jungle Stories.

Story of Jungle – Lazy Deer

This is the short story about jungle. One day, a deer took her son to a wise deer and said to him, “My wise brother, please teach my son also some tricks to save his life, so that he can save his life if he ever gets in trouble.”

The big deer agreed. The little deer was very wicked and his mind was busy playing with other children. Soon, he started missing from class and learned no rescue tricks.

One day, while playing, he got caught in a trap. When her mother came to know about this, the big deer went up to her and said to her, “Dear sister, I am sorry that your child got caught in the trap. I tried hard to teach him, but he didn’t want to learn anything.

If a student does not want to learn, how can a teacher teach him?

Jungle Tales for Kids – Magic Hen

One day, A poor man went to a farmer and brought a sack of rice from him, in exchange of a chicken. When the farmer’s wife came to know that her husband had given a sack of rice in exchange for a simple chicken, she was very angry.

However, the next morning the farmer’s wife went to the hen and found a golden egg. The magic hen started laying a golden egg every day. This went on for several weeks. Soon the farmer became the richest man in the village.

However, the greedy wife of the farmer was not satisfied with this. One day when the farmer was not at home, she brought a big knife and cut the stomach of the hen.

She was thinking that all the golden eggs would be taken together from the stomach of the hen. She was very disappointed when She did not get a single egg. Now she also lost her hands from the golden egg that she used to get every day.

Jungle stories for Kids – Elephant and Sparrow

One day, a wild elephant broke the branch of a tree, due to which sparrow’s nest built on it was also broke and breaking the eggs laid in it.

Hearing the cry of the sparrow, a woodpecker came there and started asking her the reason for crying. Sparrow told him everything. The woodpecker said, “Come on, let’s take the fly’s advice.”

They went to the fly and told him the painful story of the sparrow. The fly advised to take the help of the frog. The sparrow, the woodpecker and the fly, all three went to the frog and told him the whole thing.

The frog said, “If we all unite, what will the elephant do in front of us? Do as I say. You go to the elephant in the afternoon and play some sweet tune in its ears.

When he closes his eyes engrossed in the tune, the woodpecker will burst his eyes. He will become blind and when he is thirsty, he will search for water.

Then I will go near the swamp and start making turr in it. He will understand that there is water and he will reach there and die in the swamp.”

The four did their jobs well according to the plan of the frog and the elephant who acted without thinking was killed.

Animal Stories for kids – Wind and Moon

A lion and a tiger were good friends and lived together. A monk lived nearby. One day, the tiger said, “When the moon gets smaller, winter starts coming.

The lion replied, “You fool, when the moon is fully developed by the time it grows, then winter comes. To know the correct answer, both of those friends went to the sadhu.

The monk said, “Any position of the moon can be cold, whether it is increasing or decreasing in size. Winter is because of the wind, now whether it comes from the west, comes from the north or comes from the east.

Thus, both of you are right. The sadhu also added, “The most important thing is to be united and without quarrels. After that both of them started living happily as good friends. The seasons kept coming and going, but their friendship remained forever.

Short story on Jungle – Dolphin and Little Fish

There was a war between dolphins and whales. When the quarrel escalated, a small fish tried to reconcile the two sides.

The dolphins, however, refused to take any help from the little fish. The surprised fish wanted to know the reason.

On this a dolphin cried out and said, “Stay away. We would rather die than make peace with a small fish like yours. You are nothing in front of us!”

The little fish felt very bad and left from there. Dolphins kept fighting and all were badly injured. As they began to die one by one, their faces still showed ego.

Egotistical people can bear any kind of loss but do not accept help from people below them.

Jungle Short Story in English – Birth of Banyan Tree

There were three friends – crow, monkey and elephant. There would often be differences of opinion between the three, but they could not reach any conclusion.

One day, they were resting under a big banyan tree. Then the monkey said, “When you people saw this tree, what was its size?

The elephant said, “When I was a child, I used to rub my stomach with its soft branches.”

The crow said calmly,“When I was little, I ate some berries and put some of its kernels here. From those kernels this tree has grown,”

Hearing this, the monkey said, “Friend, when I saw it for the first time, it was a plant. So, now brother, now it seems that you are older than all of us. Now we will hear your opinion.

Animal Tales – Arab and Camel

A man was about to set out on a long journey crossing the Arabian Desert. Before leaving for the journey, he packed his luggage for a long time.

After that he loaded all the necessary things on the camel’s back. When all his preparations were done, he asked the camel, “Do you want to walk by the path of the climb or the path of the slope?”

The camel listened carefully to him and estimated the weight of the luggage on his back. After a while the camel asked, “Master, is there a plain way to go?

If yes, I would like to go through that plain route. According to the load that is on me, the plain road will be fine.

Animal Stories for Children – Tale of Two Cats

A poor old lady lived in a hut with a small cat. The cat used to feed itself with leftover break crumbs and the occasional thin porridge.

One morning, the lean cat saw a fat cat near the wall of the house opposite. The skinny cat called out to the fat cat, “Hey friend, it seems that you enjoy feasting every day. Tell me also from where do you get all this food.

The fat cat replied, “At the king’s post, where else can you get it! Every day when the king sits down to eat, I hide under his post and secretly pick up the delicious pieces that fall there and keep eating.

The skinny cat sighed. The fat cat said again, “I will take you to the king’s palace tomorrow. But remember, there you have to hide there.”

“Oh wow! Thank you!” After speaking, the cat started shouting with joy and started to tell its mistress.

When the old lady listened to him, she was not pleased and started explaining, “I beg you to stay here and be content with the porridge you get here. What if the king’s servants there saw you stealing?”

But the thin cat was caught in greed. He did not listen to the woman. The next day both the cats walked towards the palace.

On the other hand, a day earlier, many cats had entered the king’s dining room. Angered by this, the king ordered that every cat that entered the palace should be killed there.

When the fat cat was sneaking in through the palace gate, another cat alerted him of danger by telling him about the king’s order.

Hearing him, the fat cat immediately ran away. On the other hand, the slender cat had secretly reached the dining-room. Excited, she jumped off a skylight and entered.

She was about to pick up a piece of fish kept in a vessel when the king’s servant saw her and killed her.

Amazing Short Animal Stories For Kids – Selfish Goose

There was a kind king. There was a pond in his palace. Golden swans lived in the pond. She was leading a very comfortable life. She used to give golden feathers to the king every month.

One day a bird came from outside. Seeing him, swans started burning in his heart. “Look, this bird is just like gold. The king will give him more importance now, we will have to drive him away from here, otherwise we will have no importance,” the swans talked among themselves.

Suddenly, the king’s soldiers saw that the swans had attacked the outside bird. The king came running out of the palace. He also saw this scene of the fight.

“Catch these swans and lock them in the cage. They are jealous of that new bird,” ordered the king in a fit of rage. The swan immediately flew away and left. Because of envy, the swans lost all their comforts.

Short Stories about Self Discovery – Mighty Fish

That was a long time ago, There was a kind and noble fish. Then there was a terrible drought. Understanding the crisis, the noble fish decided to save the life of himself and his companions.

One day, facing all kinds of dangers, the noble fish came to the surface making room in the mud. He prayed to Indra, the god of rain, “O God! Forgive our sins. Please send rain to get us out of this trouble.”

Hearing his plea, pity arose in everyone’s mind, from heaven to hell. Indra sent Varsha to the earth and the great noble fish and his companions survived.

Short Animal Stories – Donkey and Cart

A cart owner was plowing his donkey in the car. Suddenly the donkey broke the rope and ran away from the car. He ran indiscriminately and went on a bumpy road.

He was running without thinking. While running he reached a high mound from where he was about to step forward when his master grabbed his tail and pulled him back.

The donkey tried hard to get rid of him, but the owner was also pulling him back with all his might. The owner wanted to save the donkey from falling but the donkey could not understand this.

Eventually, the owner abandoned him. “Come on, if you want to go, then your will. The stubborn one should not be forced.” As soon as it was released from the master, the donkey stepped forward and fell down from the mound and died.

Story About Jungle Animals – Fruit of Goodness

A long time ago, a woodcutter was passing through a forest. Suddenly, his eyes fell on a cage, under a tree. When he got closer, he saw an eagle in that cage.

The woodcutter took pity on the eagle and freed it by opening the cage. The eagle flew away into the sky.

A few days later the same lumberjack was eating his food sitting on a high hill, on a rock.

At that moment an eagle came from the sky and flew away with its cap.

The puzzled lumberjack came down from the cliff and ran after him.

As he descended from the hill, he heard a very loud sound of rock falling from the hill. It was the same rock on which he was sitting and eating.

The eagle had thanked the woodcutter for saving his life.

We hope you like the Jungle stories. If you like then please share and comment which is your favorite jungle story.

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