Children and Their Grandparents Story

Two clever children lived with their parents in a village. One day, his grandfather came to live with him. He had been a sailor. Children loved hearing stories from him.

He tells them, how he fought the pirates. Gradually, Grandfather got tired of telling stories. He wanted to talk to people of his age. Near the village there was an hotel called ‘Sailor’s Return’.

The children told Grandfather about it and said- “You should go there. It is full of sailors.” But Grandpa said- “Now I can’t make new friends.”

The children told the children of the hotel’s owner – “Our grandfather was a sailor. He knows many stories of pirates and buried treasure and also knows where the pirates hid the treasure.”

Soon, Grandpa started receiving invitations from the inn. Grandfather now spent his time in the inn and he was happy to be here. The children were also happy because now Grandfather was always with them.

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