5+ Best Simple Short Stories for Kids

Simple Short Stories for Kids : A simple short stories are way to pass the moral values to kids. People are fond of reading the short moral stories when they are travelling with their kids and family.

When parents want to pass a good lessons to their children, then short stories are great partner for them. Short stories for nursery class kids help parents to teach kids about life.

A short and easy stories convey the values in a simple manner.

simple short stories for kids
Simple Short Stories for Kids

Here are 6 simple short stories for kids where your kids learn moral values and enjoy as well.

Very simple short moral stories provide a great value and are enjoyed by kids. Here are there are simple stories for kids to read. All these very short moral stories in English tell about life and way to deal with them.

Now let move to our 5+ Best Simple Short Stories for Kids.

Simple Short Stories for Kids

The First Well Short Story

Once, there was a beautiful Kingdom around a lake.

In summer days, there was no rain and the lake dried up.

People grew anxious and went to the King. The King decided to go in search of water.

After several days, He reached the iced coal mountain.

There, he saw an old woman. The King told her about the dried lake in his Kingdom.

The old women gave him a big piece of icicle and said, “With this your Kingdom will always have water.” Read also Donkey In The Well

The King took the icicle and rode off to his Kingdom.

By the time, he reached his Kingdom, the big icicle had become a small lump of ice.

No one in the Kingdom had ever seen the ice before.

They called the ice ‘Water Seed’.

The King ordered the farmers to dig a hole and plant the seed.

When the seed was placed in the hole, it melted and vanished.

The farmers dug the hole deeper and deeper in search of the ‘Water Seed’ all night.

But the farmers couldn’t find the ‘Water Seed’. Tired, they all fell asleep.

Next morning, The King came and saw the farmer sleeping.

He peeped into the hole and shouted with joy. “The seed has sprouted.” There was water in the hole! This is how the first well was created.

Moral of the Story – The First Well

Hard work pays off

The Fox and The Stork Bedtime Short Story

Once, A fox and stork were good friends.

One day, the fox invited the stork for dinner.

When the stork reached there, the table was already laid.

The stork was disappointed to see the soup served in shallow dishes.

“I have made this delicious soup myself. Enjoy your meal,” said the fox.

The stork could not have any soup as the dish was too shallow.

But the fox easily lapped up all the soup. You may also like The Fox and Goat Story

“You don’t seem to be hungry. Can I have your soup too ask the fox.

The poor stork did not say anything. She went home hungry.

One week later, the stork met the fox in the jungle.

The stork invited the fox for lunch at her house.

When the fox went to the stork’s house, he smelled the delicious fish stew.

The stork served the stew in long and narrow pitchers.

This time, the stork happily enjoyed the stew with her long bill.

And, all the fox could do was to lick the outside of the pitcher.

The fox realized that this stork made him learn a bitter lesson.

Moral of the Story – The Fox and The Stork

One bad turn begets another

The Fox-cubs and the Lion Simple Story

Once, there was a fox family who lived deep in the forest.

One morning, Father fox left for work, leaving the cubs with mother fox.

In the afternoon, Mother fox also needed to go out. She asked the cups to bolt the door from inside.

She instructed them to open the door only when she called out their names – Max, Cooper and Bella. Read also The Lion Who Wouldn’t Try

The cubs closed the door as mother fox left.

None of them knew that a lion hiding nearby had heard everything.

A little while later, the cunning lion called out – “Max…,Cooper…Bella…”

The cubs heard their names, but could not recognize the voice.

They were confused, so they did not open the door.

The neighboring wolf family heard the lion’s voice and got alarmed.

They called out to the smart monkey for help. The fox cubs were in danger

The smart monkey came up with an idea. He searched for a big broken branch of a tree.

Whack, Whack, Whack, went the smart monkey with the big branch.

He chased the cunning lion out of the jungle.

Mother Fox and Father Fox thanked the smart monkey and the neighbors.

Moral of the Story – The Fox-cubs and the Lion

Know your neighbors. They always help when needed.

Hope you have enjoyed above 3 simple short stories for kids. Next 3 very short moral stories for kids are more entertaining and involves great lessons. Keep reading…

The Helping Hand Short Story for Kids

“Ouch!” Mama Heron hurt her wing and leg on the barbed wire.

Mama Heron cried for help, “I’m hurt. I can’t get back home to my children.”

But no one stopped to help.

Soon, a small kid oliver came riding on his bike and saw Mama Heron,

He said,”I will help you!” Quickly, he cut the wire and released her.

The next day, Oliver’s mother sent him to the shop to buy bread for supper.

On the way, he stopped to play with his friends in the pond. Read also Two-Headed Bird Story

When oliver went towards the shop, he could not find money in his pocket.

It was lost Oliver was sad and started crying.

“Why are you crying, oliver?” Mama Heron asked.

Oliver said,”I lost the coins Mom gave me to buy bread. We shall have no supper now.”

“I will help you,” said Mama Heron.

Mama Heron’s sharp eyes saw the coins shining in the water.

She took out the coins and gave them to Oliver.

“Thank you, Mama Heron,” said Oliver happily.

Moral of the Story – The Helping Hand

If you help others, They will also help you.

The King’s Portrait Small Story for Kids

Once, There was a Kingdom, ruled by a kind King.

But the King had only one leg and one eye.

His palace had beautiful portraits of his ancestors.

The kind King wanted a beautiful portrait of his too. But he felt that no one could make his portrait beautiful. You may like to read Three sons of The King

One day, the King announced a big reward for making his portrait. But no one came forward to draw the portrait.

The King was disheartened. Finally, an old painter agreed to make his portrait.

The old painter drew the King’s portrait. The King was anxious, and so were the courtiers.

Everyone in the palace was curious. When the old painter revealed the portrait, everyone was amazed.

The King was sitting on a horse showing only one leg. His one eye was closed while aiming the arrow.

The overwhelmed King rewarded the old painter.

Moral of the Story – The King’s Portrait

Look at the positive side of every situation

The Lion and The Hare Story for Kids

In a dense forest, there lived a notorious lion who killed many animals everyday.

One day, all the animals gathered under a big banyan tree for the meeting.

They came up with an idea and went to meet the lion.

The animal said, “Please stop hunting. We will send you an animal every day.”

The lion agreed happily. Read also Lion and Deer Short Story

One animal was sent to him for his meal everyday.

Months rolled on. One day, Tt was the turn of a hare. The hare made a plan and took a little longer to reach the lion.

The lion was angry. He asked the hare why he was so late.

The hare said,”while coming, a lion jumped out from a ditch and started chasing me.”

“I just escaped!” he added.

Another lion in the jungle! Show me. I will finish him right now,” The lion roared.

The hare took him to a well. The lion peeped in and saw his own shadow in the water.

He thought it to be another lion. Roaring, he jumped into the well to kill his own shadow!

The foolish lion got drowned. All the animals celebrated the occasion.

Moral of the Story – The Lion and The Hare

Wisdom can win over might

Above simple short stories for kids are full of values and lessons. See our other stories and enjoy the journey of learning with us.

We will keep bringing you more stories like this. If like the story then, so keep visiting and sharing our stories.

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