The Sly Tortoise | A Small Story For Kids in English

The Sly Tortoise is a Small Story For Kids in English. Once, A hungry tortoise found out that some birds were preparing for a great feast up the high wall outside the forest.

So tortoise gathered feathers and stuck them to his body. Read also Two Swan and Tortoise Small Story

The birds did not recognize them and asked, “you have the most unique feathers. Who are you?”

The sly tortoise replied, “My name is “All of Us“. Help me fly with you.”

The birds carried the tortoise to their feast.

small story for kids in english
Small Story for Kids in English

Seeing the food, the tortoise asked, “Who will eat all this food?”

The birds replied, “All of Us”.

The tortoise ate all the food saying, “That would be me.”

The angry birds pecked till all his feathers fell off and left him on the high wall.

The tortoise requested, “Tell my wife to lay out mattresses so that I may land safely.”

However, the birds told his wife to bring out the furniture.

When tortoise jumped he fell on the wooden furniture and broke his shell.

Moral of the Story – The Sly Tortoise

Bad result of Dad deed

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