The Revengeful Woodcutter Short Story

This is the very short bedtime story for kids. One day, a woodcutter’s son threw a stone at a snake.

The upset snake bit the boy and he fainted.

Even after the cure, The boy was in great pain.

When the woodcutter saw this, he was angry and wanted to take revenge.

So, the woodcutter took his axe and hit the snake.

However, instead of the snake’s head, he cut off his tail.

revengeful woodcutter short story image
Revengeful Woodcutter Short Story

The snake was in great pain but he quickly slithered back into his hole.

The woodcutter sat for a long time outside the snake’s hole, waiting for him to come out.

Then, he thought “What if the snake comes back for revenge and bites me. I must become friendly with him.

So, he put some bread and milk in front of the hole.

When the snake saw this from his hole, he called out, “Woodcutter, as long as you cannot forget your son’s pain and I cannot forget my tail, there cannot be peace or friendship between us.”

The woodcutter understood and went away.

Moral of the Story – The Revengeful Woodcutter

Always try to forgive your enemy and work on your own progress

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