The Tiger and The Woodpecker | Easy Small Story in English

The tiger and the woodpecker is the easy small story in English. This is a short tiger story who lived in a jungle. There was also a woodpecker in this forest.

One day, A Woodpecker was pecking the branch of a tree, when he heard apathetic cry. “Help me, Please. Somebody help me please!”

The woodpecker flew in the direction of the cry.

Soon, he found out a tiger, with tears filled in his eyes.

“What happened?” asked the woodpecker.

Easy Small Story in English
Tiger and Woodpecker Story | Easy Small Story in English

Tiger said, “A tiny piece of bone pricked in my mouth. It still remains between my teeth, it is very painful,” and tiger started crying.

“Open your mouth and i shall remove the bone,” said the woodpecker.

The tiger opened his mouth and the woodpecker pulled the bone out.

“Thank you,”said the tiger and left happily.

After a few days, the woodpecker happened to meet the tiger.

Hello tiger! how are you?

Enquired the woodpecker with affection.

The tiger was very happy to meet the woodpecker.

They both turned into good friends and lived happily ever after.

Moral of the Story – The Tiger and The Woodpecker

Good deeds are never forgotten

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