The Story of The Princess and The Pea | Short Stories

The Story of the Princess and the pea is a short story where a princess was stuck in the rain and takes the shelter of the neighbor's king.

This is the story of the Princess and the Pea. Once upon a time, A powerful King ruled in a Kingdom. He had a beautiful and intelligent Queen. Both had only one son. They left no stone unturned in his son’s upbringing and education.

When Prince grew up, he was stylish in looks, polite in behavior, and capable in every way. Many Kings of neighboring states wanted their daughters to get married to the Prince. In this regard, They sent many messages to the King-Queen.

Princess and The Pea Short Story

Princess and Pea
The Story of The Princess and The Pea | Short Stories

The King and Queen wanted the Prince to be married to a girl who is beautiful, intelligent, sensitive, and in every way worthy of a Prince. They wanted that whoever marries a Prince, should be virtuous in every way and be a Princess in the true sense.

The King sent the Prince to the states from which relations had come for him so that he could meet the Princesses and test them. The Prince traveled to many Kingdoms, but he did not find any true Princess there. There was something missing in everyone.

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The Prince returned to his Kingdom. He was sad. He started to feel that wife may not have written in his fate. Therefore, he diverted attention from this side and got involved in the affairs of the state.

A few months later, one evening someone knocked at the entrance of the palace. When the door was opened, a girl was standing in front. It was raining heavily at that time and the girl’s dress was soaked, her hair was splattered, the shoes were full of water and she looked completely disheveled.

She tells the gatekeeper that she is the Princess of the neighboring Kingdom and is trapped in the rain. It is not possible to go ahead in such weather, so she has come under the shelter of the King of this state.

The gatekeeper took her to the King-Queen. Seeing her condition, no one could believe that she is a Princess.

The Queen thought of taking her exam so that it could be known whether she was a Princess in the real sense or not.

Princess Story

The Twenty soft mattresses were placed in the bed where her sleep was arranged. Then a sheet of silk was laid on it. But the Queen put a grain of peas under those mattresses. The Princess was asked to sleep on that bed

The next day the Queen was eagerly waiting for the Princess to come out of the bedroom. When the Princess came out of her bedroom and went to the Queen, the Queen asked, “Did you sleep well at night?”

The Princess said, “No, I could not sleep for a single moment, because there was something on that bed, which was tickling me.”

Hearing this, the Queen was convinced that she is truly a Princess. Such sensibility can be felt by a Princess, who can feel the grain of a pea kept under twenty mattresses. The Queen was looKing for such a Princess for the Prince.

The King and Queen themselves went to leave the Princess in her Kingdom. In front of the King there, they proposed the marriage of the Princess with their son, which was accepted by the King.

A few days later the Prince and Princess got married and both started living happily ever after.

The End….

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