Humorous Story of Akbar and Birbal in English | Birbal’s Line

This is the humorous Story of Akbar and Birbal in English. Once upon a time, Akbar was tired after travelling for a long time. He rested under a dense tree, Birbal was also present there.

Akbar had a stick in his hand which was very valuable. Akbar drew a line on the ground.

For making the fun, Akbar told Birbal – 

Birbal! You shorten this line without erasing it.

Birbal was rich in intelligence.

He picked up a stick kept nearby and drew a large line parallel to the line drawn by Akbar.

Akbar understood that the line drawn by him had become shorter without erasing.

The line drawn by Birbal was much longer than the line drawn by Akbar.

Akbar, appreciating Birbal, then started planning to test Birbal’s intelligence.

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