The Money Mirage Story | Akbar Birbal Funny Story

This is the Akbar Birbal funny story. There lived a poor Brahmin in Akbar’s kingdom. One night, he had a strange dream. He dreamt that his friend gave him some money.

Reflection of coins in Mirror

The Brahmin met his friend the next morning and told him about this dream. The friend who heard that he had lent the money to the Brahmin was a cunning man.

He said, “Return the money that I had given you.”

The Brahmin said, “But it was just a dream.” The friend said, “I want my money.” The Brahmin and his friend approached Birbal for help.

Birbal asked the friend, “So you want the money you gave your friend in the dream.” He replied, “Yes.”

Birbal asked a servant to bring a mirror. He placed some money in front of the mirror and said, “Can you see the money?” The cunning man replied,
“Yes Sir.”

Birbal said, “All your money has been returned to you.”

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