The Neighbour’s Bull Story

Birbal had a troublesome neighbour. He was jealous of Birbal and always tried to create problems for him.

The Neighbour's Bull
The Neighbour’s Bull

One day, the neighbour let his bull loose in the same pasture where Birbal’s cattle were grazing.

The bull killed one of Birbal’s oxen. Birbal’s servant came running to him and gave him the news.

Birbal took his fellow courtiers and went to visit the neighbour.

He said, “My bull has killed your ox. Let repay your loss.”

The neighbour said, “You are honest! If you want to repay me, give me one of your oxen in return.”

Birbal said, “Oh! I am sorry, for I said the wrong words. Your bull killed one of my oxen.”

The neighbour got angry. He said, “That’s impossible. I will not pay you a penny.” Birbal said, you should accept what you wish others to follow.”

Neighbour paid Birbal and never troubled him.

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