The Temple on the Hill Story

There was a temple on a hill. The priest of the temple was very old. One day, he passed away.

The Temple on the Hill Story
The Temple on the Hill

When Akbar heard the news, he sent Birbal to choose the next priest.

Birbal stood at the foot of the hill and told the candidates, “Climb up the hill and meet me in the temple within half an hour.”

The path was steep and full of brambles and rocks. One by one, the candidates reached the temple.

Birbal was about to announce the winner, when a wounded man stumbled into the temple. “What took you so long, my friend?” asked Birbal.

The man said, “Sir, I was busy removing the rocks and the thorns on the path so that devotees might climb up the hill easily.”

Birbal said, “Well done! You are the new priest. Anyone can walk on a difficult path. But only selfless people can take care of other people’s interests.

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