Crane and Crab Story

This is the crane and crab story. Once there was a crane who lived in a banyan tree. There was a pond right next to the tree where there were many fishes and crabs.

The crane used to go to the pond and would quickly get fish from the pond to eat. The crane did not have to work very hard to find food. Read also The Wolf and The Crane Story

After some years, the crane was old. The crane felt that he was having trouble getting fish. Now the crane had become sluggish due to lack of food. Once the crane got an idea. He reached near the pond with desperation. He did not try to find food.

The Crane and Crab Story

Crane and Crab Story
Crane and Crab Story

Seeing the crane sad, the crab standing nearby said, “Brother, why are you so upset?”

The crane replied that I have heard that the villagers will fill this pond with soil. If this pond is no longer, then how will my food be managed? I need to find a new home.

As soon as the crab heard this, he took a dip in the pond and talked to all the fishes.

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After hearing the crab, all the fishes came to the crane and asked for help to save their lives. The crane said I could do one thing; I will take you all to the nearest pond one by one.

All the fishes were very happy to hear this. Now the crane comes to the pond every day. He raised a few fish with his beak and then flew away. The crane would go to the pond daily and put some fish in his beak and fly away.

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Now it is the turn of the crab. The crane placed the crab on itself and flew away. After a long flight, the crab asked how long we will reach our destination. The crane smiled and said, “The bones you are seeing in that hill belong to your fish friends, and you will become my food today just like them.

The crab now understood all the tricks of the crane. The crab was now very angry. The crab grabbed the crane’s neck with both of its toes. Now the poor crane could not able to fly and fell to the ground and died. The crab was on the cranes, so he survived.

The crab then went back to his pond and told the fishes how he killed the crane. Read also Monkey And Bird Story

Moral of the Story – Crane and Crab Story

Don’t rely easily on someone, Always assess the authenticity of information

Crane and Crab Story

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