Playing Doll House Story

This is the Doll House Story. It was about three o’clock in the evening. Rinku was standing at the back of her house. She was waiting for his friend Neelam, who was going to play with her.

Kids were building Doll House

Soon the Neelam arrived. For a while, both of them played computer games, then both decided to build a doll’s house.

Neelam gathered the items and Rinku picked up a lot of her toys from the house.

Doll’s house started being built. Three rooms were built. One of those was drawing rum.

A small sofa was placed in it. After decorating a table with a beautiful bouquet, then the bedroom was made.

The doll was put on the bed. A cupboard and some books were kept beside it.

A lot of utensils were scattered here and there in the kitchen. A dog was placed at the main entrance of the house.

Then after making a road some distance away from the door, motorists, buses, trucks and pedestrians were parked here and there.

Just finished, the doll house is ready.

Both the friends were so engrossed in building the house that they did not notice the time.

Thwy paid attention when they saw that Mona standing in the neighboring house was staring at both of them.

The evening was setting in. From home, the mother called for both of them to have dinner. Both immediately went to the house. Mona was looking for this opportunity.

She had already broken Rinku’s doll house several times.

She was jealous that how Rinku can make such a beautiful doll house. Neelam went to her house after having dinner.

When Rinku came to the backyard of the house, she saw that her doll house was broken. A couple of toys are also broken.

She understood that this work cannot be done by anyone other than Mona.

She felt very sad to break her doll house. Tears welled up in her eyes. Her hours of hard work was wasted by Mona in a minute. Mona had done this many times before.

She angrily decided that she would take revenge from Mona.

The next day, Mona was busy making her doll house since morning. When Rinku saw Mona making a doll house, she decided that she would take revenge on her by breaking Mona’s doll house.

Mona was busy making her doll house for many hours.

She didn’t have as many good toys as Rinku had, so her doll house was better than Rinku’s doll house.

By the way, Mona had built that house with great passion and dedication. After finishing the house she went to her house.

As soon as she went inside, Rinku secretly entered the compound of Mona’s house and immediately came back to her house after breaking her doll house.

Rinku was understanding that by doing this her heart would get cold. But can someone be happy after someone’s hard work is wasted by theft?

Rinku’s confusion increased so much that even in the afternoon, food was not eaten from her. When she sat down to eat with her mother and sin at the table, it became difficult for her to swallow a single mouthful.

Mom asked, what’s the matter Rinku? But she remained silent.

Mom thought, maybe Rinku is lethargic because of playing in the sun for a long time. She made Rinku sit in her room to rest. But Rinku was thinking about Mona and her doll house.

She was very guilty of breaking Mona’s doll house. She was thinking, what if I don’t get along with Mona? And then benefit from doing bad with bad?

In this thinking, Rinku kept on changing sides for a long time. On the other hand, Mummy and Papa had slept in their room after having dinner. There was silence in the house.

Rinku slowly left her room and went to the compound of Mona’s house. Still the back door of Mona’s house was locked. Mona’s ruined doll house was staring at Rinku.

Rinku felt as if the doll house is about to get up and say what did you get by breaking my house?

Rinku immediately picked up the doll and brushed off its dust and fell in love with it for a long time. Mona could never have imagined that Rinku could ruin her doll house. This feeling was very embarrassing to Rinku. Rinku could not understand how to compensate for her actions.

After much deliberation, an idea came to Rinku’s mind. She decided that she would make Mona’s doll house with her own toys.

She immediately came to the backyard of her house and took the toys and reached the compound of Mona’s house. First she built a big yard, made a drawing room, a sleeping room and then a kitchen. Everything is as she and Neelam had made the previous day. A dog was also posted to guard the house.

Rinku was so busy with her work that she had no idea of ​​the time. She didn’t even get to hear of Mona coming there. When Mona opened the door of her house, she saw that Rinku was doing something near her doll house. Mona was surprised to see this. Her surprise increased even more when she saw that Rinku was making her doll house with her toys.

Mona starts thinking that whenever she gets a chance, she breaks Rinku’s doll house and there is one Rinku who is decorating her doll house with her own toys.

Now Mona was regretting her actions. She unnecessarily keeps fighting with everyone. Meanwhile, Rinku looked back after getting a sound. Before Mona could say anything, Rinku said, “Mona, forgive me”. In the afternoon I broke your doll house. I did this with the intention of taking revenge on you, but after breaking your doll house, I felt very sad.

All afternoon I kept thinking about how to atone for my actions. That’s why I was rebuilding your doll house. I hope, you will not be angry with me and forgive me.

Rinku’s words were being pricked from inside to Mona. She had never regretted her actions till today. But Rinku’s behavior was forcing her to admit all her mistakes and apologize to Rinku. So she said, “Rinku, I am a very bad girl. I have been fighting with you unnecessarily and breaking your doll house. But now I assure that I will never break your doll house nor will I fight with you or anyone else. Won’t you be my friend?”

How does Rinku say no well? From that day, both of them became unbreakable friendship.

Moral of the Story – Doll House Short Story

Evil is conquered by good

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