9 Best Short Inspirational Stories for Kids

When students get demotivated then they look for the inspiration from others. Inspiration stories are best way to inspire them to choose the right path and You will get encouraging stories for students and kids.

Short Inspirational Stories for Kids
Short Inspirational Stories for Kids

Here we are sharing with you 9 Short Inspirational Stories for Kids which are really amazing and awesome. These motivational and inspirational stories for kids will teach you lots of things and give you an awesome experience.

Short Inspirational Stories for Kids with Moral Lessons

You can share these true motivational stories with your friends and family and these short motivational stories will be very useful for your children or younger siblings.

Two Frogs

This is an inspirational story for kids. Two frogs lived in one place. One frog was fat and the other was thin. One day, while looking for food, they both fell into a milk box.

The sides of the milk pot were very smooth so that they were not able to come out of the pot. That’s why they kept swimming in the vessel itself. Just then, the fat frog said to the thin frog, “Brother! There is no use in swimming any more in milk. You may also like Frog and Mouse Story

We’re just about to drown. It is good that we give up.” The thin frog replied, “Wait brother! Just keep swimming. Somebody will definitely kick us out.” And they floated in the pot for many hours.

After a while, the fat frog said, “Brother! there is no profit. I am very tired now. I’m going to stop swimming and drown. There is no other way than this.

No one is going to come here to help us.” But the slim frog said, “Keep trying. keep swimming. Something will happen, keep swimming.”

A few hours passed again. The fat frog said, I can’t walk anymore. There’s no point in swimming because we’re going to drown anyway, it’s not going to help.”

Saying this the fat frog stopped. He gave up swimming and drowned in the milk. But the slim frog swam with courage. After ten minutes, the thin frog felt something hard under its feet.

Due to his constant swimming, the milk had become butter by churning. He climbed onto the heap of butter and jumped out of the pot with ease.

Moral of the Story – Two Frogs

Don’t give up on hope

Do What You Say

This is children inspirational story. Once, in a small village, an old man lived alone. He used to say many times, “I have no family. It’s better if I kill myself.

Every morning, he used to go to the forest. He used to cut some trees and tie them in bundles. And used to take them to the market and sell them. With that money, he used to buy some things for his food.

Once, he got a very high fever. But, still he went to work, because if he did not work, from where would he get money for food and medicine.

When he was returning with a bundle of wood, he again said the same thing, “There is no one who can help me. I want Yamraj (God of death according to Hinduism) to come and take me away.”

At the same time, Yamraj, the god of death passing by, listened to the old man.

He went to the old man and said that if he wanted, he could go to heaven with him. But the old man said, “Oh! I was talking about some help.”

Yamraj helped the old man to lift the bundle and smiled in his mind.

Moral of the Story – Do What You Say

We should never curse our circumstances

Unique Treatment

Here is the short inspirational story with moral lesson. Once there was a King. He was very lazy. He hardly did any work with his hands. As a result, he became ill.

He called the royal doctor and said, “Give me medicine to stay healthy. If you don’t treat me, I will get you killed.” The royal doctor knew that the cause of the king’s illness was his laziness. Read also King Midas

The next day, The royal Doctor gave the king big dumbbells and said, “Your Majesty! You have to swing these magic balls in your hand for half an hour both in the morning and evening. And do this until your arms are sweating. This way you will be healthy.”

The king did this everyday. The king did not know that this was an exercise. Within a few weeks, the king was cured.

Now the king was feeling very agile. He thanked royal doctor and asked him the secret of the cure.

The royal doctor very wisely replied, “Your Majesty! The magic of this treat will keep you well as long as you keep these balls moving.

From the day you stop doing this, you will get sick again.” Royal doctor had taught the king to be healthy.

Moral of the Story – Unique Treatment

To stay healthy, it is necessary to give up laziness

Different Ways

This is very inspiring story. Once, an old man was going to attend a religious meeting. On the other hand, a young man also came out of his house. He had to go to meet his wife.

They were going on their own way. At one place, their paths converged and they met on the road. Soon, the two passengers started talking about how they became friends of each other.

The old man said to the young man, “Why don’t you go with me to attend the religious meeting? You too will be able to learn some religious things there.” “No, thank you. Read also An Old Man Story

I think you will come with me to meet my wife. You can also have a great meal with us. She cooks great food.”

But the old man refused. Soon, the two friends went their separate ways. But at the religious meeting, the old man kept thinking about the delicious food, he could eat.

And on the other hand, the young man was thinking about the religious things, he could hear.

Moral of the Story – Different Ways

Human beings always think of only those things that others have.

Wise Monu

This is the best inspirational short story for kids. There was a small child. His name was Mona. He was very naughty but he was very intelligent and outspoken. One day, Monu’s mother sent him to the shop to fetch some fruits and vegetables.

Monu bought some vegetables and then went to a fruit seller. He bought half a kilo of pears. But the fruit seller was a dishonest man.

He dishonestly weighed only three and a half hundred grams of pears. When Monu saw this, he said, “It is not half a kilo of pears. It is less visible.”

“No, that’s all right, and you should be able to take them home anyway easily.”

Monu was a smart boy. He gave money weighing three hundred and fifty grams.

The fruit seller said, “I have given you half a kilo of pears. You are giving me less money.” Monu said, “No, money is fine.

And at the same time it will be easier for you to count them and put them in your pocket. The fruit seller was very embarrassed to hear this.

Moral of the Story – Wise Monu

Tit for Tat

Farmer and Robber

This is short motivational story. Once during the night, a farmer was returning home from a cattle fair. He had bought a buffalo in the fair.

As he was passing through the forest, So a robber came and stood in front of him. He had a thick stick in his hand. He said, “Give me everything you have.”

The farmer was very scared. He gave all his money to the robber. As he was about to leave, the robber said, “Give me this buffalo too. Why are you taking it?”

The farmer also handed over the buffalo rope to the robber. Then the farmer said, “You have taken everything from me. You may also like Farmer and Stork Story

Can you give me your stick?” “Why do you need this stick?” The robber asked.

“My wife will be happy to know that I have brought at least one stick from the fair.”

The robber gave that stick to the farmer. The farmer started beating the robber with the same stick. The robber ran to save his life.

The farmer’s money and the buffalo were left there. Thus the farmer saved himself and his belongings.

Moral of the Story – Farmer and Robber

We must be patient and wise in trouble

Who’s guilty?

This is a short story for students motivation. One day, Tom went for a walk on the beach. He saw a ship full of passengers colliding with a rock and overturned. The ship sank in the water and all the passengers in the ship fell into the sea.

Not knowing how to swim, they started drowning. Tom saw everything he could from the seashore but there was nothing he could do to help those people.

In the evening, he narrated the whole incident of the sinking of the ship to his friends. Everyone was very sad to hear this.

A friend said, “This is not God’s justice. To punish a sinner on board the ship, he killed many innocent people.” While he was saying this, he felt as if someone had twitched his leg.

He looked down and looked. A red ant was biting his leg. There were many more red ants near his feet. Enraged, he started slamming his leg to kill the red ants.

Tom said to his friend, “Look how you are also killing other innocent ants when you have been bitten by a red ant. And you were cursing God for his injustice.”

His friend was very embarrassed. He had realized his mistake.

Moral of the Story – Who’s guilty?

Look at yourself before blaming anyone

Stone Breaker

Once upon a time, somewhere there lived a stone breaker. He used to break stones very hard all day. His hands were very hard and his clothes were also very dirty.

One day, he went to work on a big stone. His work was not easy as it was very hot that day. After working for a few hours, he sat in the shade. After some time, he heard the sound of someone coming.

Getting up, he saw a long convoy of people. There were many soldiers and servants in that convoy. And in the middle of the convoy, a king was sitting in a palanquin. The king’s palanquin was picked up by some powerful people.

“How happy I would be if I were a king, not a stone breaker,” thought the stone breaker, looking at the king. As soon as these words came out of his mouth, then a wonderful thing happened.

The stone breaker saw that he was wearing silk clothes and was adorned with glittering jewellery. His hands were soft and he was sitting in a comfortable palanquin.

The convoy moved forward. Then the heat of the sun had also increased. The stone breaker, who had now become the king, started feeling very hot. As the afternoon approached, the heat of the sun increased, making the king even more restless.

“I am powerful, but the sun is even more powerful! I should be the sun instead of being the king,” the stone-breaker began to choke.

Thinking of this, he became the sun at once and started spreading his radiance on the earth. He began to shine very loudly; He burned the fields with his rays. But, no matter how bright it shone, he could not see beyond the clouds.

It is a sure thing that the clouds are stronger and more powerful than the sun,” said the stone-breaker, “but I must be a cloud”. Suddenly he saw that it had changed form to a dark, thick cloud.

It rained heavily on the fields, which caused a flood. All the trees and houses were washed away in the water. But nothing happened to the rock which he had once broken when he was about to break a stone.

“Why is that rock stronger than me?” Clouds formed, said the stone breaker. “Only a stone breaker can break a rock by his own ability.

How good it would be if I could be a stone breaker again” As he uttered these words, he found himself sitting on a stone.

His hands were hard. He picked up his tools and happily started working on the rock.

Moral of the Story – Stone Breaker

Man should be happy at all times

Blind Greed

This is the simple short stories. Once, Abdullah gave his camels on rent to a merchant who used them to carry his goods. Often Abdullah accompanied him on his travels.

One day, while returning from a trip, he stopped to take some rest. Just then, a saint came there and they both started talking among themselves.

Soon they both became friends. Interactionally, the saint told him a secret, “There is a treasure buried in a nearby place and I know about it.”

“Then we must go. After loading on my eighty camels, they should be brought here. I will give you a loaded camel,” Abdullah said.

“My friend, you are doing something skimpy. If you promise to give me forty laden camels, I will tell you the secret of that hidden treasure,” said the saint.

Abdullah agreed to this. Reaching that place, the saint muttered a few words. Further, at a short distance there was a crack in the ground. Abdullah saw huge pots in the crack containing gold bars, gold coins, very precious gems and jewels.

Seeing so much treasure, Abdullah’s eyes lit up. “Friend, let us pack it in sacks,” said the saint. They packed all the treasures in sacks one by one and quickly loaded them onto the camels.

There, the saint found a pot of gold inside which was a small wooden box. He put that box in his pocket saying that there is a special ointment in it.

Abdullah and his fellow saint divided the camels. Abdullah could not digest the fact that the saint would get the treasure loaded on forty camels.

So he said, “Look, you are a saint. It will be difficult for you to take care of forty camels.” On this request of Abdullah, he agreed to give his share of forty camels to Abdullah.

“Some of these treasures must be distributed to the poor people,” the saint advised him.

But Abdullah did not pay heed to him. He said to the saint, “I am sure that the wooden ointment box is of no use to you.

Why don’t you give it to me too?” He asked. Now he got greedy and wanted to take that box too. The saint took out the box and said, “You take it, my friend.”

“Will you tell me about this ointment?,” said Abdullah, taking the box in his hand. “If you apply a little ointment from this on your left eye, you will be able to see all the hidden treasures.

But even if you accidentally touch this ointment with your right eye, you will become blind,” the saint told him.

“I am sure that this saint is hiding something. How can it be that the same ointment has two different effects,” thought Abdullah. He did not listen to the saint and rubbed the ointment on his right eye and he became blind.

In an instant, Abdullah’s greed had turned him from a rich man to a beggar.

Moral of the Story – Blind Greed

Greed makes us blind

Thank you for reading Top 9 Short Inspirational Stories for Kids which really helps you to learn many things about life which are important for nowadays. These inspirational stories with moral lessons are very help full for children those who are under 18. Tell us which is your favorite story in below comment section.

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