Fortune Teller Story

This is the Fortune Teller Story. There was a very dense forest in which a Fortune Teller lived. The forest was in the middle of a river and two Kings lived on both sides of the river.

The name of the first king was Alderman and the other was Bishop.

Both Kings were enemies of each other. They didn’t like to see each other. But one thing was common for both of them that they used to come to Fortune Teller once for any work.

The anger grew in both the states and Kings of both kingdoms thought that now the war will be the only solution.

fortune teller story
fortune teller story

Before war, Alderman went to the fortune teller and told the whole thing.

Then Fortune Teller said, ”My Majesty!! It is written in your destiny to lose this battle.

The King became very sad and came to his palace and said to his army, get ready by tying the shroud, “either we will die or will be killed.”

On the other side, The King Bishop came and said what will happen to me.

Fortune Teller said with a smile that My lord!, “Winning this war has written in your fate.”

The King Bishop became very happy and came to his kingdom and told everyone to his ministers. Read also Kindness of Merchant Story

The next day when the King Bishop was going to war, then one of his horseshoes broke. The minister said to change but the king was very proud. He said that we are winning the war, then let it not be a problem.

The King Bishop reached the battle and the armies on both sides broke up on each other. After a while the two Kings came in front of each other and the horseshoe of the King Bishop came out and the King Alderman, who was the predicted loser, captured the second king.

After the victory, King Alderman went to Fortune Teller and said that you had said that I will lose, but I have won. Then Fortune Teller said, Losing the battle was written in your fortune. But you changed your destiny with your hard work.

You did hard work without thinking about the result. Your hard work and leading skills kept your army motivated throughout the war and finally you won the battle.

Moral of the Story – Fortune Teller Story

Hard work is the key to change the Fortune

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