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This is the Two Cats and A Monkey Story with Pictures. Once apparently there was a fight between two cats for a piece of bread. A monkey saw those cats fighting as this was mine. Read also Monkey and Crocodile Story

Two Cats and Monkey Story
Two Cats and A Monkey Story with Pictures

Their fight lasted for many hours but they could not find a solution to this problem. Read also Monkey And Bird Story

All in all, A monkey came and said, The only solution to your problem. You share half of this loaf of bread. If necessary, I will distribute it equally to both of you.”

two cats and monkey Story
Cat and Monkey Story with Pictures

Those cats loved the monkey’s advice. The piece of bread was presented to the monkey.

The monkey started splitting the piece in two. Read more Monkey and Cap Seller Story

“Oops! One piece is too big! ” The monkey bit the piece a little.

“Oh no! Now, this piece is big! ” That ate a little in the second piece.

“Ch! Now it’s big! ” That again ate a little in the first piece.

Doing this little by little, the monkey consumed the whole loaf of bread and lay down on the tree.

Both cats stared blankly at each other. In desperation, they went their separate ways. Read also Foolish King’s Monkey Story

Moral of the Story – Two Cats And A Monkey Story In English

In the fighting of Two people, always the third one gets benefits

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