Kindness of Merchant Story

This is the short story on kindness with moral for kid’s development. The name of the story is “Kindness of Merchant“.

There was a Merchant in a city. He was very kind. Once, he was going to the temple. On his way to the temple, he saw a boy who was standing next to the temple. The boy’s clothes were old and torn.

The boy came to Merchant and started begging. Merchant started smiling at him and politely said that you are so young, why don’t you go to school?

The boy said, “He doesn’t have enough money to go to school.”

Merchant said if I give you money, what will you do with that money?

The boy replied, “If you give me five coins, I will eat food.

Merchant said, “What will I do if I give you ten coins?”

The boy said, “So I will not beg for the next two days.

Merchant realized after listening to him that the boy is very hardworking. Merchant said if I give you 50 coins, what will you do with it?

The boy said, “I can start my business with him.

Merchant felt that the boy is very hardworking, why not help him. Merchant took out 100 coins from his pocket and gave it to the boy. Merchant said, “With this money, you can start a good business for yourself and move ahead with your hard work.

The boy was very excited. The boy worked hard and started a small sweet shop with that money.

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Time kept on passing. The boy had now become a young man. With hard work, he built a large sweets shop right in front of the temple.

After many years, Merchant came to the temple. The boy saw Merchant from a distance. The boy went to Merchant and said, did you recognize me? The Merchant was now old, and he could not remember the boy.

The boy said to Merchant, ” I am the same young child you helped start a business by giving 100 coins in childhood. Today I have a big sweets shop in this city because of you. Please come with me. Let you show my shop.

The Merchant was pleased to see the boy’s progress. Merchant said since childhood, I knew that you are very hardworking.

The boy pulled out a sweet from his shop and served the Merchant and after that took the blessings of the Merchant.

Moral of the Story – Kindness of Merchant Story

This short story on kindness with moral educates us that we should always be kind to others and help the needy.

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