Mrs Penguin’s Ideal Palace Story

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The name of the story is Mrs Penguin’s Ideal Palace Story, Once upon a time, Mrs Penguin wished to have a house. She lived with her husband and 3 little kids.

Papa Penguin said, “We will build a palace for you.” They all set to work.

penguin story
Mrs Penguin’s Ideal Palace Story

Bettie and Katie collected sand. Dumply helped papa penguin build the sand castle.

Mrs penguin brought food for everyone. They ate and then continued with their work.

Finally, The castle was finished.

Suddenly, A huge tide came in and washed away the castle.

“Don’t worry! we will try again said papa penguin.

The family decided to build a palace of stone.

katie and dumply collected stones.

Soon, the palace of stone was ready. A strong wind came and blew over the palace of stone.

“We will now build a palace of wood for mama,” Papa penguin tried to cheer up the kids.

Katie collected the wood. Bettie and Dumply started finding the nets.

Papa penguin brought the hammer. They worked all day.

At last, the house was finished.

“Look at your palace,” said Papa Penguin. Mrs Penguin clapped her wings.

She thanked everyone and said, “it’s my ideal Palace.”

Moral of the Story – Mrs Penguin’s Ideal Palace

Try again, if you haven’t succeed at first

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