The Vain Stag Short Story

This is the vain stag short story. There was a forest in which a vain stag (deer) lived. His antlers were very attractive.

Stag often went to the pond and after seeing his shadow in the water, said “My antlers are the most appealing. I wish my legs were good-looking too.”

One day a lion was roaming the jungle in search of food. At the same time, he saw a stag. The lion quickly ran after him to hunt a stag.

The stag saw the lion and ran from there to the thick forest. While running, the antlers of the stag entangled into the dense twigs of the trees.

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The stag tried his best to get his antlers out of the bushes, but he failed. He was seeing his end near. He was now cursing his antlers as he was trapped in the bushes.

The stag forced from both feet and managed to free himself from the tree twigs. Once he got out of the bushes, he fled fast from there and survived from the lion’s clutches.

The stag had now realized his mistake. He said that only my beautiful feet saved my life today. Now my feet are dearer to me. He never called his feet ugly after that day.

Moral of the Story – The Vain Stag Short Story

Things need to be useful instead of beautiful

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