Heart Touching Short Story of Clever Goat

This is the heart touching short story. Once upon a time in village, a farmer had a goat that goat had three children. He took great care of her children as there was a dense forest nearby in which, there were many animals. He was always near her children.

Heart Touching Short Story of Clever Goat
Heart Touching Short Story of Clever Goat

One day a baby goat overheard a farmer and a feeder talking among themselves. The one who brought the fodder told the farmer that there is green grass everywhere in the forest.

The baby goat had to see so many green grasses. He silently walked towards the forest. When he reached the forest, he found four wild dogs. They wanted to eat baby goat and started talking towards baby goat.

When the goat saw that one of her children was not there, she also came towards the forest searching for her baby and found her child surrounded by wild dogs. Seeing the goat, the wild dogs became more happy and said that today there will be a party.

The goat was clever, She told wild dogs without panic that I and my child are the trustees of King Lion. They have caught us. If you eat both of us, King Lion will be very angry. The wild dog said how can we believe that you are telling the truth.

The goat said that King Lion has left the elephant here to watch over us. Seeing that the elephant was neayby, the wild dogs agreed that the goat was telling the truth. If they ate the goat, the elephant would tell King Lion. So they all left from there.

The goat and her baby left from that place. On going further, he found the lion. The lion said that after a long time the goat will get to eat. Seeing the lion, the goat got very scared but spoke courageously.

King Lion, both of us have been kept here by the lioness, otherwise why would we be here. He has caught us for you. The lion said you are lying. The goat said the lioness has kept the crow here to watch over us.

The lion saw that the crow was there and despite the lion’s roar, it was not flying.

The lion left both of them believing the goat’s words that if the lioness caught them, then they are for me only. When the lion left, the goat and her baby ran away.

On reaching further, they found the lioness. The lioness said today King Lion will be very happy. When I will hunt the goat and take it away. The goat said to the lioness, you are thinking of hunting me, the lion has already caught us to make you happy today. That’s why we stand here.

The lioness said you are lying. The goat said they have left the rabbit here to watch over us. The rabbit was standing there. The lioness said it was probably telling the truth and went away.

After this, the goat and its child came out of the forest and reached the farmer’s house. The rest of the goat’s children were happy to see their mother and their brother.

Moral of the Story – Heart Touching Short Story of Clever Goat

We should never panic in trouble and take wise decisions

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