Fox and Little Red Hen Story

This is a fox and little red hen story. Once, There was a little red hen which lived alone in the forest. Just above the rocks, There lived a sly and crafty old fox with his mother.

The sly fox would plan and plan how to lay his hands on the little red hen and make her his meal.

After a lot of thinking, an idea struck him. He told his mother to keep the water pot boiling.

He quietly slipped into the hen’s snug house and hid behind the door.

When the red hen saw the fox, She quickly fluttered up to the beam and perched herself there.

The fox said, “I’ll bring you down in a moment.” He started whirling around faster, chasing his tail. The poor red hen got dizzy after watching round and round to fox and fell down onto the floor.

The fox immediately, put her into his bag. The little red hen thought it was the end for her.

The fox thought of resting for a while. Inside the bag, The red hen put her hand in her pocket and fished out her scissor.

She cut a hole in the bag, slipped out quietly and put a big stone in the bag.

After stitching the cut carefully, she ran for life as fast as she could.

The silly fox got up and started walking home. He said to himself, ‘how heavy the hen was become! I’ll have a great supper.’

When he reached home, He asked his mother if she had kept the pit with boiling water ready, for he had a hen for dinner.

The mother fox did as told. The sly fox said, “open the lid and let me put the red hen in the pot.”

as his mother removed the lid, The sly fox emptied the bag into the pot. As he did so, The heavy stone splashed hot water on both mother and the son.

Both were severely burnt and died.

The red hen returned home and lived happily thereafter.

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