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This is the fox and crow story.

This is the story of a forest where fox and crow lived with all the animals.

Long ago, the crow was flying from one place to another in search of food.

He had flown away from her nest with the hope to find food.

After a lot of hard work, a slice of bread was seen by a crow falling on the ground from a distance.

The crow became very happy as soon as she saw the piece of bread. The crow grounded on the spot and plucked up a piece of bread from her beak and went and sat on the branch of her nest tree.
The crow looked very happy and was thinking that today she would eat food in full.

In a short time, the fox also started passing through it. The fox was also looking for food. The fox came under the tree on which the crow was sitting.

Suddenly the fox looked at the bread which was in the crow’s mouth. The fox filled the mouth of the fox as soon as he saw the bread.

The fox was very clever. The fox wondered why to work too hard, he thought of fooling the crow.

The fox thought about how to take bread from the crow’s beak. The fox thought of a way to take bread from the crow’s mouth.

The fox went to the crow and Cleverly spoken, “Good Morning, beautiful creature! I have not seen a bird like you till today. Read also Poor Thirsty Crow Story

You’re very beautiful. Your skin colour looks very good.

Crow didn’t answer anything because she knew she had bread in her mouth and the bread would fall down as soon as she spoke.

The crow knew that the fox wanted to call him so that the bread fell from his mouth down to the ground.

The fox kept trying and he kept raising crows again and again.

You look best among all birds!” Fox said. The colour of your wings is very beautiful. I think you are the most beautiful bird in this world. I have not seen a bird-like you to date.

Crow was very happy to hear all these things.

The fox said that your voice is also very melodious. would you please sing for me with your sweet voice?” Fox said.

The crow began to be very happy to hear these flattering and pleasing words and the crow was out of the world.

Crow forgot all the things. As soon as the bird opened his beak to sing, bread fell on the ground.

The fox’s trick succeeded what he wanted. The fox quickly picked up a slice of bread that had fallen on the ground and started leaving.

The crow kept watching all this but could not do anything.

The crow came to know that the fox has fooled him. The crow became very frustrated and started searching for food again. On the other hand, the fox succeeded in his trick and ate that piece of bread.

Moral of the Story – The Fox and Crow Story

We learn from the story of Fox and Crow that we should never believe anyone’s adorable things, otherwise, we will do our own harm.

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