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This is one of the Tenali Raman English Stories – Arab Horses. One day, A merchant of Arab region came to sell horses in the court of Maharaj(King) Krishnadeva Raya. He narrated his horses and persuaded Maharaja Krishnadeva Raya to buy all the horses and finally sell all his horses.

tenali raman english stories
Tenali Raman English Stories

Now Maharaj’s horsemen had so many horses that there was no place to keep them, so on the orders of Maharaja many horses were given to the common citizens of Vijayanagar and some people of the court to take care of them for three months.

One gold per month would be given to each caretaker for rearing expenses and horse trainings.

Like all the citizens of Vijayanagar, Clever Tenali Raman was also given a horse. Tenaliram took the horse home and made a small stall behind the house and tied it. And started feeding him small amounts of fodder every day from the small window of the mews.

Other caretakers also began to fulfill the responsibility entrusted to Maharaja Krishnadeva Raya.

The King should not get angry with them, do not give any punishment, Due to this fear, all the people cut off their stomachs and started feeding the horse with good fodder.

Three months pass by doing so. On a fixed day, all citizens took horses and gathered before Maharaja Krishnadeva Raya. But Tenaliram came empty-handed.

Rajguru asked for the reason for Tenaliram not bringing a horse. Tenali Raman said in reply that the horse has become quite spoiled and dangerous, and he himself does not want to go near that horse. 

Tenaliram is lying…Rajguru said to Maharaj Krishnadeva Raya.

Maharaj Krishnadeva Raya sent Rajaguru along with Tenaliram to find out the truth.

Seeing the small meadow built behind Tenaliram’s house, the Rajguru said, “Oh foolish man, you call this little hut a mews?”

Tenali Rama said to the Rajguru that Sorry!! I am not a scholar like you.

Please take a look at the horse through the window first. And only then step inside the mews.

As soon as Rajguru looks inside the window, the horse catches his beard.

People started gathering. Even after trying hard, the hungry horse didn’t leave the beard of the Rajguru.

Finally, by breaking the hut and cutting the beard of the Rajguru with a sharp weapon, he was freed from the clutches of the horse.

The distraught Rajguru and the Tenaliram take the starving horse to the king.

After seeing the horse’s condition, Maharaj Krishnadeva Raya asked Tenaliram the reason that Why your horse is so slim?

Tenaliram replied that I used to give a little fodder to the horse every day, just like your poor public living by eating a little. And because of less than necessary facilities, the horse became more distressed and deteriorated.

Just as your people were plagued with the burden of handling horses, in addition to the responsibility of rearing family.

The duty of the king is to protect the subjects. Do not overburden them. By the work order of raising your given horses, the horses have become strong, but your subjects have become weak.

Maharaja Krishnadeva Raya understood this thing of Tenaliram, and he rewarded Tenaliram while he praised him.

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