Tenali Raman and Krishnadevaraya Story

This is the Tenali Raman and Krishnadevaraya Story. A courtier of King Krishnadevaraya of Vijay Nagar was very angry with Tenali Raman. Tenaliram laughed and told him something that he felt bad about.

The courtier decided to take revenge on Tenaliram one day. Read also Iranian Sheikh and Tenali Raman Funny Story

Like the courtier, Rajguru did not like to be Tenaliram. It is said that when a person has two enemies, those enemies become friends among themselves.

Tenali Raman and Krishnadevaraya Story
Tenali Raman and Krishnadevaraya Story

Therefore, there was a friendship between the courtier and the Rajguru. Both of them were also angry that the king always praised Tenaliram.

The courtier used to say bad things about Tenali Raman to the King. Tenali Ram knew this. 

Once the courtier and the Rajguru complained to the king. “Your Majesty, Tenali Raman speaks sweetly in your mouth and commits your evil back.”

The king didn’t believe but he asked Tenaliram. Tenaliram understood that this is the trick of that courtier and Rajguru. Tenaliram said to the king, Your Majesty, I will answer to you tonight. You just have to walk with me. Read also Merchant and Tenali Raman Story

At night Tenali reached the backyard of Rajguru’s house with The King and stood near the window.

The courtier was saying to the Rajguru, ‘Our King is very credulous. He kept believing what Tenaliram had been saying till now and accepted the truth of both of us today.

Even after this, he continued to say the opposite to the King.

The Rajguru said nothing but he didn’t refuse it. The king standing outside heard everything. Say Tenaliram, OH My King, your complaint to me has now not gone away.’

The king said, “Yes, Tenaliram, but the Rajguru still has respect for us.”

It seems that the Rajguru has gone astray due to jealousy and has in the wrong man’s words. I am giving you the responsibility to remove the Rajguru from its web. ‘

A few days after this time Tenali Ram held a feast. King Krishnadevaraya, Rajguru and the courtier were there. Read also Tenali Rama and Rose

Telani Raman made the courtier sit beside him. Everyone was talking among themselves.

Tenali Rama took his mouth near the courtier’s ear and said something. The courtier didn’t understand what Tenali said to him.

Then Tenaliram said aloud, ‘What I have told you, do not tell anyone.’

Seeing this, Rajguru perceived that Tenaliram must have spoken about me.

The Rajguru saw the opportunity and asked the courtier, “what Tenaliram said?

The courtier said, “Nothing.” He said something in my ear, but I did not understand.

Rajguru thought,” He is hiding the real thing from me. What is the use of such friendship? It is definitely with Tenalirama’s side. I used to think that this is my true friend. “

After that, the friendship of the Rajguru and the court ended forever. Knowing this, the king said to Tenaliram, “Wow, Tenali has really done such a thing, even the snake died and the sticks didn’t break.” You may also like Tenali Raman And Two Thieves Story

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