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Today we have brought you a Strength in Unity Story titled "Children Toys". There was a very big city. Two children, Emma and Tom, lived in that city..

Today we have brought you a Strength in Unity Story titled “Children Toys“. You should read it with your children and give them a good education.

Let’s begin our story “Children’s Toys”!!

There was a very big city. Two children, Emma and Tom, lived in that city with their mother, father, and grandfather. Emma was 6 years old and Tom was 7 years old.

Tom and Emma had lots of toys. But both of them did not share their toys with each other. Sometimes there was a fight between Emma and Tom about who has the most toys.

Strength in Unity
Strength in Unity

Tom argued that I have more toys than Emma, then from the other side, Emma said, “I have more toys than you and my toys are better as compared to your toys. Similarly, Two kept on fighting each other.

Once Grandpa came to stay at their house. Grandpa said to the children as soon as he came, I have brought toys for you both. Grandpa had two bags of toys. Tom and Emma started happily saying- Grandpa!! Grandpa!!… Read also Magic Bell

Tom and Emma went to Grandpa. Tom took a bag from Grandpa’s hand and said it would be my toys and Emma grabbed another bag and said that it would be my toys.

Children Toys
Children Toys

Grandpa said, I had brought these toys for both of you, so what was the need to share it? Both children said that we do not share toys with each other.

Grandpa was very surprised to hear this thing but he could not say anything. After that Both children Tom and Emma took their toys and went to play.

Once Grandpa was reading the newspaper, he saw both the children were fighting among themselves. Tom said I have more Toys and Emma said here I have more than you.

In this way, both of them kept fighting. Grandpa thought that the children would be understood by themselves. But every day both the children kept fighting with each other.

Grandpa thought that these children were not understood like this. They had to understand the meaning of unity.

Grandpa went to the room of both those children. Both of them were fighting as usual. As soon as both of them saw grandfather, they started saying, Grandpa! You tell who among us had the most toys. Grandpa, where I think you both have fewer toys.

Strength in Unity
Strength in Unity | Children Toys

Both children began to look at Grandpa carefully. Grandpa said, “I can increase your toys. How can you do it, Grandpa.” Grandpa said, close both your eyes. As soon as the children closed their eyes, Grandpa mixed toys of the both and stood in front of them.

Grandpa asked both of them to open their eyes. As soon as the two children opened their eyes, they saw that their toys were found together. The two children were very angry to see this and said, “Why did you mix our toys?”

Grandpa said, “I have not mixed, but rather you have doubled the toys of both of them.” Children!! There is a lot of power in unity. If we get together, our strength will double like these toys.

strength in unity
Unity is the Strength

Therefore we should not quarrel. We should always live together. The children understood after listening to Grandpa’s words. After that day the children started playing together.

Moral of the Story – Strength in Unity | Children Toys

We should always be in love with each other because there is strength in unity

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