Monkey and Crocodile Short Moral Story

This is the Monkey and Crocodile short story. Once there was a dense forest full of beautiful flowers and trees. There was a pond where a crocodile

This is the Monkey and Crocodile short story. Once there was a dense forest full of beautiful flowers and trees. There was a pond where a crocodile lived with his family, and nearby a pond, there was a tree of blueberries where a little monkey lived. 

One day, a Crocodile was looking for food, and he tried to hunt some fishes in the pond. But that day, luck was not with him, and he could not track any fishes in the pond.

Suddenly he saw a monkey in a blueberry tree, where Monkey was eating the blueberries on one branch of the tree.

The Crocodile came near the tree and requested to share some blueberries with him.

Monkey and Crocodile
Monkey and Crocodile Short Story

Monkey was kind, so he said, “Sure, My Friend, Mr Crocodile!!”

I plucked the sweet berries and gave them to the Crocodile to eat.

From this day, both Crocodile and Monkey were friends.

After that, every day, Crocodile came to a nearby tree, and the Monkey would give him berries. They used to play together. Read also Foolish King’s Monkey Story

Day by day, their friendships were getting stronger.

One day, monkeys were on the back of a crocodile and went around the pond. 

Crocodile asked the Monkey, “My dear friend! The blueberries of your trees are very sweet. I would like to have some for my wife. Could you give me some berries? Please!

The Monkey said, that Yes, I would pluck for you right now.

Monkey plucked the sweetest berries of the tree and gave them to the Crocodile.

The Crocodile took all the berries for her wife, who lived on the other side of the pond.

Crocodile reached his home and said to her wife, “Darling! See what I have for you. My friend Monkey sent sweet berries for you.

Her wife said, “We can’t survive our life on these sweet berries. Think! Monkey daily enjoys these sweet berries. How delicious would he be? I wanted to eat his heart.

The Crocodile was confused and said,” How could I kill my friend Monkey who gave me berries when I was hungry. I can’t do it.

His wife warned him that if he wouldn’t bring Monkeys heart, then she would suicide. 

The Crocodile had no option at that time. He left his home to bring the Monkey.

Crocodile went to the Monkey’s place and said to the Monkey, Dear Monkey! My wife loved the berries.

My wife invited you for dinner. Come with me.

Monkey and Crocodile Short Story
Monkey and Crocodile

Monkey was happy after listening. Monkey were on the back of the Crocodile, and both set out.

On the way, Monkey asked, What is your wife cooking for me? 

Crocodile said, “You like bananas so that she would be cooking banana bread and cookies for you.

Monkey was very excited after listing this.

From the inside, Crocodile was feeling very sorry for Monkey. He thought to tell him the truth.

Crocodile said, Dear Monkey, I lied to you. My wife wants to eat your heart, and you are about to die.

Please forgive me! Otherwise, she will die…

Suddenly Monkey listened to this; instantly, he got an idea. Oho Crocodile! It’s great! But you didn’t tell this in the beginning as We, Monkeys, keep our heart safely in a tree. In that case, please take me back to the tree.

Crocodile said Ohho! How idiot am I?

..Now We have to go back. Okay! Let’s take you back.

Once, They reached the shore of the pond, Monkey took a long jump to the tree.

monkey and crocodile
Crocodile and Monkey Short Story

The Monkey said, “You stupid Crocodile…, “How can anyone stay live without a heart?

I gave you food as a friend, and you wanted to kill me…

You are a traitor. I will not help you anymore and even not give you any berries…

Go away from here!!

Monkey, with his intelligence, saved his life… on the other hand lost and friendship of Monkey and sweet berries…

Moral of the Story – Monkey and Crocodile short story

In the time of problem and danger, We should not get scared. Instead, we should act smartly

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