The Servant and the Treasure Story

This is the short story on Treasure. A rich old man had a son whom he loved very much. One day, the old man died.

Treasure Story
The Servant and the Treasure Story

The old man’s wise friend told the son, “Your father buried his wealth deep in the forest. Only your servant knows its location.”

The son took the servant with him to bring the wealth. When they reached the forest, the servant did a weird thing. He started insulting the son.

The son was puzzled by the servant’s strange behaviour. This happened again and again.

He went to his father’s wise friend to seek his advice.

The wise old man said, “Take the servant to the forest again. Observe where he stands when he insults you. Dig up the ground on that very spot and you will find the wealth.

Your servant becomes proud that he is the only one who knows the spot. So, he misuses this feeling by insulting you.”

The son followed the advice. And lo! He found the wealth.

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