Tenali Rama Gold Mangoes | Tenali Raman Moral Stories

Tenali Rama Gold Mangoes is one of the famous Tenali Raman Moral Stories. The mother of King Krishnadevaraya was very devotional. One day, She came into Krishnadevaraya’s room and told her desire to give a box full of Mangoes to the Priests.

That night because of some health issue, the Mother of King died. The King was very depressed, but he recalled her mother’s last desire.

Gold Mangoes | Tenali Raman Moral Stories
Tenali Raman Moral Stories

The King did all the required rituals. On the last day of religious rituals, He called some Brahmins(Saint or Priest) and asked them to help in fulfilling their mother’s final wish

Brahmins were selfish, after the conversation, they confirmed to the king that his mother’s spirit will be calm only when the king will donate them to Gold Mangoes.

The next morning, The King called the Brahmins to give gold Mangoes.

When Tenali Raman heard it, He understood that Brahmins are greedy. He called them his home to teach lessons to Brahmins.

All Brahmins were very pleased after receiving gold mangoes.

The next morning, They reached Tenali’s house. They thought Tenali would also give him some good donations. But when those people entered Tenali’s home, Tenali was waiting for them with a hot iron strip in hand.

Brahmins were astonished to see this. Tenali told them that his mother was suffering from arthritis. She used to desire to burn his feet from the hot iron rod to calm in pain. Thus, Tenali wanted to burn the feet of Brahmins so that his mother’s soul gets peace.

Brahmins understand Tenali’s move. With embarrassment, They returned gold mangoes to Tenali and went away from there.

Tenali returned all the gold Mangoes to the king and told them how the king was trapped by the greedy Brahmins?

Tenali gave back Gold Mangoes to the king and told him how he was trapped by the greedy Brahmins?

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