A Criminal | Tenali Raman Stories For Kids

This is the Tenali Raman stories for Kids and the name is “Criminal“. Once upon a time, King Krishnadevaraya was discussing with his Minister in his court. Pandit Tenali Raman was also present in the meeting.

Tenali Raman Stories For Kids
Tenali Raman Stories For Kids

Suddenly The shepherd appeared in the meeting and started shouting…

….Justice, Justice, do Justice My King.

King Krishnadevaraya said to him,..be patient, tell us in detail what has happened?..

The shepherd kept talking and said to the King, “A greedy man has been living in front of my home for years. He doesn’t get the house repaired despite its condition becoming like ruins.

Yesterday my goat died after falling into the wall of his house. It is a request of a shepherd to a King

…Please Help!! Help me to get the compensation for my goat.

Tenali had listened to all things with endurance and spoke spontaneously as soon as a shepherd completed… King..in this, not the only one responsible for the fall of the wall.

King Krishnadevaraya asked very novelty, then who is responsible from your perspective?

Tenali Raman pleaded with King, “Give me some time to know the depth of this thing and then I will present the real viciousness in front of you. “

King Krishnadevaraya gave him some time, keeping the tenacity of Tenali.

The shepherd’s neighbour was summoned to the court to talk.

While giving his wipe, the neighbour said, “I am not responsible for this.” If a builder built my house, then he would be a criminal.

Tenali summoned a Builder to the court. Builder, while protecting himself, said to the King, I am not a criminal. I have nothing to do with this. The real fault lies with those labourers who didn’t work well and the brick did not stick well due to the use of too much water, due to which the wall collapsed. You should call labourers for your recovery.

On the orders of the King, The soldiers brought the labourers to the court. The labourers said to save themselves; It was the fault of the person who added a lot of water.

The water person was called in the court. He said that I had been given a large pot of water, due to which more water was filled than necessary in the wall…

I think the person who gave me a big pot to fill the water should be blamed.

Tenali Rama asked the person with the water and asked, “Where did you get that big pot of water?”

The Waterman readily said that the shepherd gave me the water pot. Due to the large vessel, the amount of water was not known.

Tenali Ram said to the shepherd with great pause; all this has happened because of you. One of your mistake has killed your goat.

The shepherd was shocked and ashamed. He walked from the royal court towards his house. The Courtiers present in the court praised Tenali Raman’s wisdom and tact.

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