Goddess Boon | Humorous Story of Tenali Raman

Goddess Boon is the Humorous Story of Tenali Raman. Once, A Tenali Rama was advised by a monk to worship Kali Mata(Goddess).

Pleased with the worship of Tenali Raman, Kali Mata appeared to him.

Seeing Kali Mata face to face, Tenali Raman started laughing.

Goddess boon | Humorous Story of Tenali Raman
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When Mother asked Tenali Raman the reason for her laughing, Tenali Raman said, “Mother, I have so much trouble in one of my nostrils when I have a cold. You have so many heads, how much trouble will you have, I laughed thinking that.

Goddess loved to humiliate Tenali Raman.

Goddess Kali said,” Son, I have come here to bless you. I am pleased with your worship.

Then two bowls appeared in front of Tenali Raman. One of them had milk and the other had curd

Goddess Kali said, “You can eat from one bowl only. You choose the bowl yourself, milk will give you wisdom and curd will give you money.

Tenali Rama used his cleverness and mixed the contents of one bowl in another and from the second bowl, both the ingredients were eaten.

In this way, He also obeyed Goddess’s order, according to which he could eat from the same bowl, and by his cleverness, he received both wisdom and wealth from the mother.

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